Cursed gnome dropped vault key, but no shards

Title says it all. A guild mate of mine found her first cursed gnome today morning after countless hours of intensive farming… and got a vault key and no shards.

Not a bug. Any gnome except verse gnomes can drop a vault key instead of their normal rewards. It’s more likely during vault event but possible any time


Thanks for your personal opinion, I know how ordinary gnomes work, and this bug report is about cursed gnomes, not the drop table of other gnomes.

Music gnomes also don’t drop vault keys, only verses. And given the extreme rarity of cursed gnomes a vault key drop is - contrary to all “normal” gnomes - a downgrade, not an upgrade.

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It’s rather a feature request, at this point.


Same here. Key. No runes.

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Sure but that still makes it a request for change as Dust Angel says, not a bug