Maintenance - Potential lag

Hi Adventurers,

Just a heads up we are updating the game database today.
This means there is a potential for some performance degradation (lag) during the update.

Hopefully, it’s not noticeable, but if you do have any noticeable lag that is what’s causing it.

We will post again here once we’ve completed this work.

Thanks in advance for your patience!


when does it start?

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It started at 10:30am and ended at 4pm AEDT.

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner!

Hopefully it wasn’t noticeable!


Serveur error : CLIFFY-… on Switch, the game doesn’t launch…

Im getting cliffy error game wont load no matter what

plz do something for NS players, server error: cliffy, cannot start

It’s ok now.

Had the same problem on Switch for what it’s worth. Struck an hour before daily reset, very unfortunate to happen on a Sunday.

What is the update about?

Hello :slight_smile:

They were just backend updates for the developers.

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Hello :slight_smile:

As for the Nintendo Switch Platform cliffy questions, there were a high number of recorded server errors occurring for around 45 minutes. (5:45pm AEDT to 6:15pm AEDT)

Please Note: There will be compensation for the Switch players for this issue.


@Bramble. Thanks, for the information. :v:

Thank you for letting us know this in advance. Having the server errors right before weekly reset was a very frustrating experience.

UPDATE: Compensation received today. Thanks again @Bramble

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