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Lycanthropy, what the game needed

Weapon reworks? Waste of time, weapons are stupid and nobody uses them.

Access to forge scrolls after 4 completed campaigns after stating “we have a plan for that” directly to the community? Why on Earth would anyone want to upgrade doomed weapons? They’re DOOMED, that’s a bad word.

New, interesting areas to explore and create kingdom mechanics for? Dumb, there’s already a lot of places and that would be hard.

A double negative casino mechanic to add to the already painful RNG? Now we’re talking!

Thanks for giving me the final reason to quit and sorry to everybody I ever argued with who spoke poorly of the devs and their decisions, I was clearly in the wrong defending them :slight_smile:


Hey dude, I’m not trying to shame you or call you out or make fun of you in any capacity when I say what I’m about to say. You’re a cool dude and I value you and your contributions to the forums despite my being about to leave them.

Please call somebody and let them know what you’re going through. I’m not sure if you stopped medication or started it but please reach out to someone and let them know what’s happening for you.

You’re a valuable, intelligent person who needs to give somebody a call right now. Family, friend, co-worker, acquaintance, somebody. Let me know if you want my discord and we can chat it out, brother.

For the horde.


Seconded, please reach out to someone you trust and respect IRL.


thanks for the information.