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Lycanthropy temporarily removed from essence of evilfrom

This really isn’t a win+lose situation, EoE just became hands down the most powerful defensive weapon in the game with literally no contest. It breaks fortitude and invulnerability which is a HUGE power creep and then if lycanthropy pops it messes with team composition.

On the other hand in attack it’ll be stupid strong for pvp and completely worthless on high level delves because a 1hp EoE’d unit transforming into a full health and armoured level 400+ unit is straight hell on earth.


You make Zuul worthless with this EoE’s change … what a shame. Are you against your clients or do you ‘work’ for them ? It’s not clear for me.


As someone who is actually playing this game every day, it sounds like we lose some and then we lose some more.

Others have said it well already. Curse first renders many troop traits useless which will mostly affect pvp and GW.

I’m not sure you guys actually know what you’re doing with this.

Yes, it makes the weapon stronger but it didn’t need to be stronger at all.

It also makes a lot of troops and teams weaker.

And lycanthropy, even if it makes enemy troops weaker which I hope it will when reworked is not something I’d actually want to have on eoe.

If you want to do something with that weapon and make it better, replace the last trait with something else or let us remove upgrades we made that are detrimental.

Try making players happy. You’d be surprised, I’m sure, how well that would go.


R.I.P. impervious and bless.


Oh cool, let me go ahead and update my Tier list then for weapons…

Weapon Color Bonus Magic Weapon Name Weapon Rank
Green Essence of Evil S++
Purple Fiend Fire A
Blue Orb of Winter A
Purple Reflection of Good A
Brown Skeleton Key A
Purple Creeping Death B
Purple Crypt Keeper B
Yellow Dancing Daggers B
Brown Dragon’s Eye B
Green Fire Ruby Staff B
Blue Plunder and Peril B
Brown Runeforger B
Blue Serve and Protect B
Brown Shield of Urskaya B
Yellow Staff of St. Astra B
Red Deathdealer C
Brown Dragonator 8000 C
Yellow Orpheus’ Lute C
Purple Sins’ Harvest C
Yellow Spiked Manriki C
Green Summer’s Wonder C
Blue Thorodin C
Yellow Thunderbird C
Red Flame Soul D
Red Orc King’s Club D
Red Serpentine Dagger D
Green Spider Totem D
Purple Staff of Visions D
Blue Symbol of Anu D
Blue Three Sisters D
Red Warlord’s Battlecry D
Purple Daemonomicon F
Green Dragon Oak F
Brown Warden’s Gauntlets F

You took an A tier weapon and made it INSANE. The only troops in the game now that aren’t completely shut down by EoE on one cast are troops with Invulnerable (Enraged Kurandara and Dooms). And while I’m speaking on that – there is nothing in the actual text that says Invulnerable is immune to curse. Both Invulnerable and Impervious say immune to all status effects. But only Invulnerable is immune to curse as well.

Instead of making a godly weapon even better, you should maybe focus on all the other trash weapons.


…I can’t be the only one who sees that the only reason they changed the way Curse works with EoE was to take the Heat off how shit Lycanthropy is.

I feel like y’all are assuming Lycanthropy is off EoE for good. Once it returns, EoE becomes Trash again due to the fact that you’re basically making every troop you cast on an impervious troop anyway.

So don’t buy into the magicians misdirection folks. Calling EoE OP or Godlike is basically begging them to nerf something that they already nerfed, unnerfed, made OP and have every intention to nerf again.

If or when they decide to keep Lycanthropy off EoE for good. Then this mind frank of curse first can be addressed.


Down with lycanthropy!!



I wonder why this wasn’t done initially, then, when Curse was made a thing (and people brought up how they wanted it applied first at the time)?

I think a similar train of thought left the station when EoE was first introduced, too, with Stunning; people, if I recall correctly, really wanted Stunning to happen first, and that idea was smacked down.

Why the change now?


Scene - Easter break, lots of people are taking extended leave

Team lead: Remove Lycantrophy from EoE
Newby coder: What is EoE?
Team lead: Essence of Evil weapon
Newby coder: OK!

Newby coder inspects configuration, deletes Lycantrophy and rearranges words

Forum: Thank you! Best change ever, we :heart: you, keep it permanent
Also forum: W.T.#? (auto-tuned-out by community manager’s keen sense of mental preservation

Salty (brave face): We did it on purpose. At least some of you like it, we aim to please. It will be permanent

:man_shrugging: :sob:


I don’t think Lycanthropy makes EoE useless; more that it dramatically tightens its usefulness. Makes it more of a surgical tool: no more blind casting for board control, now you need a plan for how you’re going to kill the affected enemy within a few turns.

For example, Lyanthropized EoE is still a good combo with HKI: EoE to strip immunity to devour then HKI for the chomp. But now you have to plan to cast them back-to-back, or at least close together, so that the enemy doesn’t escape the trap by transforming.

I do also think EoE needed a bit of a nerf to make it less devastating to lower-level players that go up against it in PvP etc, before they (a) have it themselves and (b) have much of a grasp of the Cleanse mechanism.

And yes, I don’t understand the motivation for the curse-first change at all. The mechanism of some troops – some traits, really – being so tough that it took two shots from EoE to affect them was a nice bit of complexity. EoE just blasting through everything on the first shot blunts that; more powerful, less interesting.

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I’m not going to criticize someone’s play style. But outside of the one combination where I may still pair EoE with a troop. I’ll still use EoE…less… because of Lycanthropy.

In your scenario, I would prefer not to devour an entangled troop.
I enjoyed the ability to curse impervious troops so I could devour them without entangling them.
And I can’t simply wait for the troop to be Transformed because plenty of beasts are immune to devour.

When Lycanthropy gets added back it’ll be nothing but Essence of Lyes to me.


This issue is not about strategy, it’s about bad game design. You don’t want to add “feels bad” moments into a game if you care at all about good game design. Making players feel bad is bad. In this case, adding Lycanthropy (as it currently functions) to EoE increases those “feels bad” scenarios. And it doesn’t even add any “feels good” moments to counter it. Nobody is casting EoE hoping to have Lycanthropy trigger.

So, as Salty pointed out, they know Lycanthropy is a feels bad mechanic, and they’re intentionally trying to balance out the risk/reward by making the rest of EoE more powerful.

Instead they should be going back to the drawing board of how Lycanthropy works and redesigning that. This would be good game design.


The problem is that the people who make the decisions equate revenue with player happiness. As long as the game brings in more money this month than last month, players are “happy”, because no one would pay for a product that they weren’t happy with…right?

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When using Essence of Evil on an Impervious troop, is it bleeding and burning? Your post made me wonder if those effects might now be applied in English alphabetical order. :rofl:

Fireproof troops get burned but curse/stun alphabetically comes after burn… It was a good theory, though.

(Also, the animation is different from how it was before the “fix”)

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Yeah, unfortunately players still buy stuff to get a good feel out of the game.

But personally, I am way more willing to spend money on a good game that I enjoy a lot than on a “meh” game.

I know a lot of people who think the same thing.

Of course the monetization still has to be there, but looking at today’s tiered offer I wonder… Was that worth an update.

Do they make the books that expensive to make the campaign pass look more attractive? Or is that really something players spend that much money on?

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Never underestimate the impatient person’s willingness to pay. That’s basically the heart and soul of most F2P monetization.


I am way more willing to spend money on a good game that I enjoy a lot

Not disagreeing, I’m in the same camp - but I think they’re well past the point of designing game systems for ‘fun’ experiences. Causing your customers frustration and misery is a better business model than making an actual, fun game, as reflected by GoW’s financials. They’re well aware which systems aren’t popular with the playerbase. Predictably it’s those systems they offer you a monetary way out of. Predictably it’s those systems they try to force you to play, dialing up the frustration until you cave in and shell out or quit.

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I guess. :sweat_smile:

Saw in another thread that someone bought the book offer so… People actually do pay that much. Huh.