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Lvl 1000 lookin 4 Xbox one or Ps4

I am lvl 1000 . All kingdoms 5 star. Donate 2000+ trophies and 3,000,000 mil gold per week.
Be happy to joun your guild !
Just send me my free X-Box One or Ps4 and i will bright there :stuck_out_tongue:
I joke :wink:
Wish all well and happy geming !


Sounds fair, I give you a free xbox one, you give me a bunch of gold coughsocial security number cough a bunch of trophies and companionship. I’ll shoot you an invite after you give me your address lol


Works for Craigslist lol


Well atleast the Headding is true lol

You can’t back out now dangit a deals a deal

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PS4 looking for strong competitive players to get my guild into the top 100 and beyond.

VULCAN’S FLAME is the name and “Hammering Our Foes into Glory” is our motto.

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Definitely not the right place to be recruiting… Create a topic, bruv.

Where would I start recruiting?

10 characters.

I thought I did. Oh well.