Lust For Life


Well, i dont find it hard (meanwhile reached floor 34 clearing everything), but those fireball/heroism scrolls shouldnt be so stupidly rng to not appear once in the “whole tower”.

What’s gonna be fun will be green and yellow ones if they put those foxes/spirits with the ultimate doom so we get them every floor past 25 lol.

About “success” i wouldnt be so sure, dont see bazzillions of dooms +10 around (also true that the so called matchmaking give me always the same ppls, like 30 among thousands that should be in list).

Personally got other 2 weapons +9 (got up to tier 6), this time wanted to make it +10 so saved gems beforehand, next 3 tod’s will have some kind of wannabehealer weapons and i will just get the weapon itself.

More than weapons the success come from same thing any other event got, leaderboard, with ppls wasting insane amount of gems x 1 more position there and prolly got enough forge scrolls to make the weapon +20.


I meant it more as the RNG side of things:

  • Start the battle, makes a match and some skulls drops.
  • The A.I takes the skulls and kill my first troop, more skulls drops and kills the second one.
  • I take a sip on my coffee… “Well :poop:…” Retreat.

The level of enemies could increase less drastically and the boons are meaningless in the current system. Even with colaboration of all guild members working together the bonus is hardly enough to give us a proper chance sometimes.


Well, that happened few times yes as also happened i coldnt get a single brown match until turn 4 or 5 (at the face of the dust storm running lol), but gotta say the losses are kinda rare even with our boons that are ridiculous compared to the above (we got like +7 magic and +12 the rest).

Am using a not so fast but kinda safe jas pride, yao, divinia and infy (more a mascotte than anything else that one seen how rarely i use him).

Compared to delve is a lot easier, not sure why even, today failed 2 of my 3 daily runs, on lvl 2xx delves haha.


The biggest difference i see comparing Delves and ToD is: I can build up more investiments on the Hoard to give me proper bonuses, but on ToD it’ll always be painfull until the devs consider proper changes.

I suspect the devs overreacted making ToD so hard because people were beating level 500 factions left and right for a while.

But maybe they designed it that way to create the biggest gem sink on this game and i have no problem with that, but it feels really wasteful to have so many extra sigils left (because i had to acquire the last Forge Scrolls from the shop anyway) as the battles are not exciting and the bonus we get from the Boons is a big joke as they don’t help the guilds at all against empowered troops with 70+ true damage…

For competitive guilds aiming at the leaderboard i can only imagine the burnout after floor 50+ and i think this is an underlying issue often ignored.


Wait, maybe i didnt explained myself well but i meant that x me ToD is easier than delve.

Maybe it’s exactly cause is so “boring”, i mean, after floor 25 it’s always the exact same enemy’s and boss, on other hand being like so you get used to those 5 enemy’s and the team you’re using too.


I do. Because, ya know, Salty specifically said it wouldn’t be.


I see Delves as a long-term goal, i’ll have all factions fully Mythic at some point, i’ll get more shards than i’ll ever need which means more treasure and eventually bigger/better hoards to beat them easily.

Now on ToD some colors are more or less at disadvantage because of the troop balance and every new ToD means a new sink everytime to get the weapon fully upgraded.

I don’t want to speak ill of her, but i’m fairly sure she isn’t a good reference to analise these features at all.

The devs doesn’t play/experience their own game as any veteran/dedicated player does.

They can’t measure things correctly sometimes because they are not engaged into highly competitive guilds.

They release troops which are sometimes too broken or too weak (like Sybil of Lust) because they are not trying to prevent problems, they only react to said problems after things are said and done, and it oftens backfires into another problem (Dragon’s Eye nerf for Delves that turned into a nuissance in PVP) if an OP troop is finally toned down generating reaction from the people who were happy with the powercreep.

To be fair, no one can always do everything right, but sometimes i feel they are not even trying… I feel they have two sets of teams creating stuff and sometimes we have nice things being released (troops or weapons) and sometimes we have :poop: like Sibyl of Lust just being shoved into the game because who cares?

Most players doesn’t understands nothing about perfect imbalance anyway, so they are happy spamming teams with Divines+Infernus, Egg Thief+ Skeleton Key or Something+Something+D.E and then these same players will later complain about boring metas, unfair metas that never changes, new unfair and boring metas (when the devs finally release a new “Powercreeped” troop)…

Repeat ad nauseam for the next two years… It’s not like there is an idiot bothered with it and complaining about the lack of reworks on Wild Plains. :skull:


I’ve been meaning to put in a feature request thread about this (to make Boons useful enough that I would sacrifice my own Doom/Forge Scroll progress to help the guild), but if you want to do it, I’ll add a +1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (I think ToD discussions are a bit off-topic for this thread, though).


Simple fix for boons - make each give a skill point (one of each for Power) instead of a boon point toward the next skill point. That will also give an incentive for guilds actually to do the boon rooms once they are mapped. Then the guilds also have an incentive to spend more gems on sigils…you can see how this works.


Or… Keep each scroll at 1/10 instead of needing 30-40 of something that constantly devalues it’s self as more folks get them.
On a design element, have the boons be sufficient enough so that true damage or skull damage can’t one shot the troops at prior to even Max level difficulty. In this Doom they currently aren’t. And I think less of whoever designed it. I’m not saying they are an idiot, but it was definitely a dumb move.