Lust For Life

Holy Sirrians! The Doom Bow’s weapon upgrade makes sense! Bravo devs! :clap:


I am happy to see, that this troop isn’t that powerful. The last week’s I had always the feeling, that the devs want to overpace a bit with the power of the new troops. So it’s cool, that this time we got a very common one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tbh, I’d have to agree with @Razzagor in that she seems a bit lacklustre, spell-wise. Having two mana colours helps a liiittle, but even then, I feel Leprechaun outshines her, despite the extra mana cost (who is also recent, and a lower rarity); plus she’s limited in her usefulness outside Daemon teams, with no way to boost her spell past 5 gems exploded. I mean, maaaybe she could work as a fast start with a dark/firestorm running, in second place behind a non-mana blocking tank, to fill troops below her? :man_shrugging: Gorgotha springs to mind, or Webspinner, if you’re evil.

@Cyrup is it possible for a server update to change all the Doom weapons to the “ruined” affix.
Or would it not be possible until 4.2.5 is released?


Same manicurist lore? :thinking:

Nailed it. :grinning:


For a common troop she would be ok, bad because she still needs allies daemons to explode up to five purple gems. So she’s stuck with two restrictions and a selection of traits that also feels like a lazy excuse of a job. As i said before she could have Empowered and improve a little the mana flow of the team as the battle starts. If you lose allies she loses her utility totally since she does nothing else.

Not every Ultra-Rare needs to be a Wisp but damn, the devs really want to start 2019 showing this much lack of interest for their first new year’s resolution:

January’s 2018 mythic was Gargantuar. Just sayin’. (And IIRC rollover did not happen on Monday in the first week of January 2018, they had to manually force it on Tuesday. We lost a whole event day. So the bar’s pretty low for kicking off 2019.)

Seriously. Not every troop’s going to be a winner. If every single troop that released was a strictly better form of something else, or filled a niche nothing else filled, we’d have power creep out the wazoo. Sometimes it’s a dud. Chill.

It’s sad that just about every weekly thread is composed more of people who are upset they didn’t get Common Infernus than anything else.


Couldn’t this troop do anything else without being a Common Infernus or skyrocket the powercreep in the game as you put? The very fact the devs are bad at balancing the troops rarity is a problem on itself, it just makes things more and more skewed towards the highest end of the powercreep…

Honestly i would expect you among a few people to understand this.


I majorly agree with Razzgor. I was instantly taken aback after spending a couple of minutes swapping between looking at the troop’s 2 pages for something worthwhile.

While I do respect the idea of curbing the power creep, balancing rarity, zooming the picture out to whatever macrocosmic scale you desire, this is not how it is done.

If this troop wasn’t named “Sybil of Lust” then it wouldn’t strongly portend that it was going to be more than alternate card art for Lust. I expect an ultra rare to do more than TPK’s 3rd trait if its going to occupy a troop slot and take more effort to cast than matching 4/5 gems.

I’m just saying it is a bad troop, one of the worst in awhile, doesn’t offer any originality even as far as art/name, and I have a hard tIme believing its needed for balance. Yes, I can excuse and forgive devs for doing this from time to time, but it won’t go unnoticed.

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If the boost ratio was much better, say x3, it could be used as a poor man’s gorgotha in a daemon team, exploding 4/7/10/13. Being immune to silence is good, but the boost ratio needs to be a little better.

I’d say “allied and enemy daemons” instead of just allied. Take it from maximum of 5 to maximum of 9, though the other 4 are obviously out of control.

I mean, yeah, its bad. Leave it at that.

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I have a fair disposition towards the devs about many things, i believe, but i can’t stand things like this anymore. Why create troops, weapons/weapon upgrades so carelessly just to keep shoving content (for the sake of making new content) if it doesn’t nudges the metas a little or even offers compeling options of fun strategies for the players. When i want to break the monotony of “Winwinwin min/maxing results” i just put together some teams of mine which work with low rarities at most, like Skeleton(who would guess)+Courage for Skull bashing among other things.

Hell, i could put together 4 Skeletons…

…and have a team MUCH better than 4 Sybil’s.

This troop managed something truly outstanding, in a bad way, it’s worse than any gnoll on Wild Plains, and if it’s not a clear sign that this is mistake/poor concept i’m at loss of words for what it could be…

Sibyl of Lust is a 9 mana (poor) exploder. I don’t think most people will want it buffed when TPK casts and gives this to the enemy team. However, it could afford to have a better base value than 1. Like 2 or 3.

Seriously dev what going on with you?

First a very frustrating delve then this tower of doom almost same frustration than the last delve

Astral spirit and fox as a boss??? Yeah thank you for this. Really suck to be oneshot killed on first turn :frowning:


Hum, think they was there other tod’s too?

But defo feel your pain:

Killed it (on the next attempt ofc) and now it’s fox turn, even more lame is, in 23 floors, clearing all rooms got 1 fireball scroll and 0 heroism, dunno if ninja nerf or the lameass rng that permeate anything in there…

Must be a revenge for the rofl and lmao i did watching tinseltail stream at the doomblade match :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: thinking better at it we’re lucky neither of the 2 are at floor 25, that would mean get them aswell in all floors past 25 lol

Floor 24 boss room can one shot 2/4 of my troops.
Who designs or tests this shit before it’s released?

Even with all these boons my troops can still get easily picked off one by one.

It’s just idiotic.

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Have Titan, match brown gems first thing, have no other troops get mana. (Assume the hero is using a brown weapon as well…) Fox will aim for that first and waste it.


Lol… If that happened every time. There wouldn’t be an issue.
I just told my guild to skip that boss room.
I was able to win my rematch battle with empowered troops of my own. But still barely won.
80-90% of the player base won’t be able to.

Many things cah happen or be done or not but that’s not the point, this tod proven to be the usual rng piece of crap we get usually feed.

In the 25 “standard floors” we had a single fireball scroll and that is, so far cleared anything up to floor 31 and found 1 heroism at F27 and 1 more fireball from 26 boss.

I was lucky with the fox but without a single heroism whole guild gotta struggle with both astral and fox.

From my personnal experience, i believe this ToD was worse because on Blue and Brown ToD we had Forest Troll who was able to entangle on skulls buying us time to actually make some moves and win regular rooms, but these silly rooms with True Damage, the bad balance of Boons and random distribution of Luck, Heroism and Fireball scrolls is killing the enjoyment and competitive spirit of this feature.

From a perspective of data collecting the devs can “blindly” assume the feature is a sucess, after all, people are buying all shop tiers and using 1500 extra gems just to get all Forge Scrolls necessary to get all upgrades, but if the cycle of Doom Weapons just repeat itself without any new effects on the weapons then the participation can drop drastically.