Lost Souls of Carmina Event Guide

Honestly, I’m going for Legendary Troop, Mythic Pet, Armor, And Achievement


I think these are the ones you are after (please check though as ive had a long day and I’m not keen on my skills for counting on both hands this late in the day!)

There are so many combinations I just tried to pick a few different ones and wait to see what people wanted


Why don’t you just upload your file and people can do the math by their own for what they need :wink: ?

Do we know if the currency will be obsolete after this event? Accumulate for future events?

From official game guide:

“Each Holiday Event will have a currency unique to that event. In this example the currency is called “Lost Souls”. This currency can only be used during the event it’s earned from, and can’t be used in future events, so make sure to spend your rewards in the event shop before it ends!”


I’ll probably go the route of 50 gems per day for 13 days to get the armor+pet+achievement+troop.

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Hopefully that last pet copy is on the Halloween calendar or something, and isn’t just forgotten about.


We plan to give everyone a free copy of Carmina’s Kitty for Halloween, I believe in a login calendar :slight_smile:


Yesterday I got an achievement with getting 100 souls in Steam. After that, on Android, I automatically received an achievement after the first battle (run in the underworld)


Thanks O.G.

Yeah I noticed the same. I completed my 100 Lost Souls achievement on PC. Then hours later, played a single non-Event battle on mobile and was awarded that achievement. I’m hoping they have extra checks on mobile for the Orb of Power achievement.


Yes, I hope so

What if all that is needed is all copies of the pet, pet food, the orb and only 1 copy of the troop? Leaving out the traitstones and armor + the extra troop copies.

By my math, you need 1900 Lost Souls to purchase those shop items. That requires 72 battles (1923 LS). You can get to 72 battles by purchasing 1 booster every day for 10 days (500 gem cost), and using all free sigils every day.

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Here a complete list of battles and LS up to 3400 LS (which is the required maximum) if you upgrade every time.

42 is the maximum without purchasing any booster.
Each booster gives 3 additional battles to a total required amount of 24 booster to get everything.


Thanks, @Hawx

I’m glad I’ve been spending 150 Gems per day. When I go “full Mythic,” I need 4 copies at Mythic. :slight_smile: However…

Based on your calcs, extrapolated without the level-increases after 91 battles…

  • I need 3000 coins.
  • That’s 20 more battles (slightly less than that).
  • 111 battles is 37 lots of 3, which is 9 days of 9 plus 5 days of 6 = 81+30=111.

Or, I could stick with the 91 battles and use an Orb of Ascension (preferring 6 copies of the troop, rather than just 3):

  • Spreading battles out across the 14 days, I can drop back to 3 days of 9 battles and 11 days of 6 battles (27+66=93 battles).
  • That saves me 600 Gems over the first scenario!

(Just to be sure, I checked your calcs, and I reckon 91 battles gives 2603 coins – spot on!)
(102 battles gives 3030 coins < 7x9+7x6 = 63+42 = 105 battles – actually a 400 Gem saving.)


Yeah I’ve been struggling to provide so much information in so many places all by myself so I’m really sorry if anything was missed as an option or there were other ways to do it.

I’ve asked for help from the community with the giant list of weekly things I provide, like if anyone could copy and paste my guides from the flight school to other platforms or to post in 429 if the chat rolls off but the take up has been low :pensive: so I just need to cut down how much I am offering so that the quality is there in what I do provide… And so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Again I’m sorry if there were other ways to attack the event that I didn’t see and apologies for taking so long to reply to the thread. I’ll avoid derailing the topic further and leave you guys to it :hugs:


For future reference → If they don’t change anything about how these holiday events work, I was able to get everything (except traitstones… who needs those) by doing 9 battles a day and keeping the battle level in the 80s.

I think I did 1 set of 5 battles above that level and dropped it down, but I can’t recall… been busy at work. I didn’t want everything as fast as possible, I wanted an easy ride.

Recommend buying in this order:

  • power orb (if you want it)
  • troop (enough for 1 mythic)
  • pet (all)
  • pet food
  • costume (this might move up if it provides a bonus and you need it)
  • last troop, so you get 4 copies

And thanks Hawx, for all you do <3


Thank God for this thread. I nearly missed out on the event today. Would suck to not have gotten an orb of power.:weary::dizzy_face:

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I hope next time they make the “number remaining” text bigger.

I thought I could buy another lot of Pet Food, because I didn’t notice it had 0 left in the tiny font under the picture, so I wasted 50 Gems buying another round of battles… :rage: