Looking for guild(mobile)

active level 949 player looking for an active guild

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Can you give us some more details on the kind of guild you’re looking for and roughly what your expected output is?

My guild has reqs of 638 seals and 250k gold for those finished levelling their kingdoms, and generally gets 20-40k seals, and completes 2+ tasks.

Final Fantasy is always looking for active players! Our reqs are either 500 seals and 100k cash OR 1000 seals. Newbie-friendly but also plenty of old timers. We’re a friendly bunch and we prize activity over anything else. If this sounds like your cup of tea, message me, or post in our thread!

Edit: hey, since you left your code, I sent an invite. Accept if you want, or pm if you need more info. :slight_smile:

Hey! If still searching, you can also look at this:


We unexpectedly turned a member short yesterday (due to player-burn-out-game-like-fulltime-job), so, please, contact @esslee, if interested.

Could you tell me your general performance? Marshal guild is recruiting, 1.3 million gold donation, 150 trophy, and 1500 seals per week, we finish all task and general over 30 legendary task and get all events rewards, please confirm to me if you interested.

send me the discord