Looking for active guild to join

I’m a very active player looking for a high rank Guild to join I will donate a lot of gold and seals invite code CAJUNHOOSIER

Hi @Cajun_Hoosier

You’ll probably find yourself a lot more successful if you define more specifically what you mean by “a lot of” when referring to your potential donations. You may also wish to be more specific when referring to a “high rank Guild”; do you mean top 200, top 100, top 50? :slight_smile:


Hi there. I’m in Tides of Darkness and we are recruiting. Were are ranked 2763 and at Diamond III level. We are looking for active members to join us. We don’t have any set requirements. We just ask that you be active and help/donate as much as you can. If this interests you, contact me, in game. I’m Subby72. I frequent Chatroom #1 alot and also room #666. Hope to see you soon.