Looking for active guild for direction

Level 193 just finished all questlines. Wasn’t too sure what I was doing at first so concentratred on quests. Loving the game and want to join an active guild to get better and help guild where I can.

Hoping to find a guild that communicates preferably over voice chat. Looking to get involved with guild wars, raids. Etc.

If you line yourself up with the sun and then the sun is rising/ setting in front/behind you then turn left or right. That direction is North/ South.

I doubt this is the direction assistance you seek. I would help you out with if I wasn’t on Xbox one.

Good luck in your quest.

I sent a message to the people that run our guilds: Shards of Whitehelm and Shards of Acclaim. I am unsure whether or not we have any openings right now, which is why I contacted them.

Hopefully we have an opening and you will be able to join! The people here are awesome and they primarily use the voice chat on PS4 to communicate (though I can’t because I don’t have a mic).


Still looking for a guild ? GemDemption is recruiting we have opens now if so message me at GhostLycan007 only requirements we have are donate gold if all your kingdoms are lvl 10 , 1500 seals weekly and participate in guild wars and guild events