Looking for a gold based guild

Hi all, I’m looking for a guild that requests only gold donations 1M-2M and 1.5k-2k seals and Discord.

It must be focused to complete all the tasks, but there is no obligation to complete guild events, they should be performed on a voluntary basis.

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You’re looking to join a guild, or create a guild?

To join a guild

Well my guild isn’t quite in that threshold just yet. I typically contribute around 400k gold, and there’s 4 or 5 others that do the same or close to it. And a revolving door or leeches that I end up booting after a week or so. But we’re getting stronger every week, and every time we find another consistent member. We’re “The Sith Lords”. No hard feelings if we’re not far enough along for you to want to join yet, but I’m actively looking for strong recruits so, figured I’d put that out there

Up. I’m looking again for a Guild with those requisites.

The Throne of Odin guild The Abyss looks like it meets your gold-required / events-optional reqs. Recruitment thread.

Are you in that guild?

No, I’m a more casual player :slight_smile: but my partner has been in various ToO guilds, starting in The Abyss, and is very happy there.

Ok, because currently I’m exactly in that guild :smile:

I was happy there but they are modifying the reqs, from now on guild events will become mandatory…

So I’m looking for another guild

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Chungus Crew is always looking for new players. PM me if interested. Semi-Casual Guild [Chungus Crew] is Recruiting!

It is difficult to find a guild that requires gold sink, but not event. Event simply has reward that everyone wants

Hey Ikki, have you found such a guild? I’m looking for such a guild too.

Hi Morpheus,

I’m in Mahyem now, there is a requirement for the weekly events, but no sigils to buy, only use what you obtain. And we obtain several LTs every week.

Since I already grow up and I have more time also for the weekly events I feel very comfortable here!

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