Semi-Casual Guild [Chungus Crew] is Recruiting!

Greetings all!

Myself and a friend started this guild almost a year ago as complete noobs. We’ve all progressed a lot and are now looking for help to achieve higher level content. This is the first we are actively recruiting so minimums are not strictly enforced. Once we start taking off minimums will be enforced. Currently we have 10 slots open. For now, you only get kicked if you have 0 of our currently-set (quite low) requirements by the end of Sunday OR get the idle “Z” icon.

Right now we get roughly 8+ on all tasks, no LT yet unfortunately. We do fairly well in the various events, but hoping to do better with some new members!
We have a Discord channel, but it is very inactive. Hopefully we can utilize it a bit more, invite link @

Current “Requirements”
Level 100
10k gold
300 seals
20 trophies

Requirements we’re going to strive for once we get some more momentum:
Level 300
500k gold
700 seals
50 trophies

If you have any interest in joining our Chungus Crew, please comment with a bit about yourself and your invite code. Thanks!

  • NeonXero

Hi again! We’ve had a few roster changes, but there are still 7 spots open! Would be really cool to meet some new people! Also we’ve started a ToD tracking system, so that should be helpful next time Tower rolls around.

Let me know if anybody has interest!