LOL An Elemental Hero Class

Would be broken, it’s why we don’t have it.

You forgot to add a “lol” to the end of that sentence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We heard you the first time.


Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I never understood this. Spell it out for me please, why would an elemental hero class be broken?

I used to think the same about a Goblin hero class, and it’s fine.

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Because you can use it on blue and red day with miraji queen in guild wars!!!
It will be stronger than any other class because it will have half start!!! Unlike classes that naturally have 50% and dont need elementals or any other troop type to function.


awryan, why’re you always emotional over a game? It’s not the “first time” we’ve seen that behavior from you. LOL

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Whenever I get emotional I just eat a chicken sandwich.

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If you think I’m emotional pointing out that you basically made the same exact post 4 months ago… Then you probably shouldn’t be the source of wisdom about hero classes.

Focus on those who actually care to know what’s causing you to make these posts.
Focus less on those… Like me… Who unfortunately have a great memory.

LOL You’re still emotional. You could’ve simply avoided this post.

And miss such an informative discussion such as this… you act like I had a choice.

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LOL You’re still emotional. I have nothing to do with your “choices”. LOL

Oh geez… When a likes and dislikes gets flagged…I guess we know who’s actually emotional here. @ ninja flagger :+1:
(A general ninja not the forum member who decided to call themselves ninja)

OMG, All elves classes are OP (archer,monk,orbweaver) as they can be used on blue/green day with Avelorn and gain 50% mana start! And Archer has that even without Avelorn!

uhm… this joke topic is not funny… why am I wasting my time on this ? :thinking:

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Its subjective. Don’t stress. Let Awryan do that for all of us lol