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Locked and Loaded (Weekly Event Post)

He’s got you in his sights!

New Troop: Dwarven Hunter

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It is with much sadness, and more than a little embarrassment, that some Dwarves from Khaziel acknowledge certain clan-members suffer from a strange affliction known as “The Wondhruz”, which roughly translates to “love of being above ground for purposes other than collecting gemstones”. Typically, a Dwarf suffering from the Wondhruz will leave the safety of his mines, and go travelling in the outside world. If a Dwarf is suspected of having the Wondhruz, his family or clan will often stage an intervention, usually involving mithril chains and a large “Nognaz” or “head-smacking hammer for causing minor blunt trauma to unruly friends and family”… the sick Dwarf can then be taken to the deep mines for re-alignment.

Unsurprisingly, most Dwarven Hunters suffer from the Wondhruz, and have managed to escape Khaziel. They often band together in small groups, ranging through Khaziel’s mountains, hunting down game, and keeping out of the way of their kinsmen.

Please note this Event is on the XBox One, PS4, PC and Mobile versions of the game.


First lol :stuck_out_tongue:

2nd lol…



First the worst, second the best, third the man with the hairy chest! Or, alternatively, the gold princess. You choose!


better the 4 I guess

Salty technically you the first post and im the second :stuck_out_tongue:

True, it has been confirmed, I am the worst. :slight_smile:


And i am the best yeah!!!

I wonder how many people are going to have 9 stars for Khaziel now. Good times.

@Saltypatra Is there anything going on with a fix for Gargantaur’s trait text on console, or the traits taking Arcane Beast (Red/Green) for a troop that’s now Red/Brown/Purple?

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We are pushing out a fix for the traitstones in the next 24 hours. :slight_smile:

What about wrong translation in french?
Tuskar, skadi, sol’zara and gargantaur

Lock and load…

I took my (now) Aussie wife shooting a few months back. First time ever, and she loved the AK-47 and 9mm Glock. I promised to buy her a left handed Glock-19, the AK I’m not so sure about. 7.62 isn’t cheap, and I think it’s just the stock on the AR-15 she didn’t like. She’s not a fan of shotguns which I found surprising, as I took her clay pigeon shooting with a 20 gauge. I might buy a 410 and see how good and how much she likes that.

Can we have both? A dwarven princess with golden hairy chest? :rofl:


was really hoping for new land any updates on when it might be

much love, thanks!

Around january 18

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-farmed 21 Arcanes in Zaejin on Friday for Ketras to get the worst done first-
-was ready to hang herself at the end of the day-
-doesn’t have enough of the other color yet to do anything-
-reads that she can buy the Zaejin ones with Glory in five hours-

Ah, my wrist, you hurt for no reason…


Holy Crap! Does that mean it’s going to be Dwarf bonus week?!
Red Dwarf GW Day is going to be an absolute terror this week… :scream:


Try using Orcs.