Lock forum topic after 6 months no replies

Because there is a necromancer who doesn’t pay attention and keeps bumping dead topics.


My main problem is now I can’t tell if it’s thread necromancy or a 6-month-old topic suddenly made relevant by the Switch version.

Can’t wait to bump this in 181 days from now. :grinning:


Probably have to have the threads remain open in case something does become relevant - that does happen plenty - but I agree about the necromancy. *grumble*

I agree, this is super annoying. I’ll follow up.

Even old threads that may seem relevant probably should have a new thread since a lot can change after several patches.


I guess a thread isn’t as redundant if its locked and can’t be brought to the top of the page anymore. If I had the urge to revisit something I’d just link to it in the new thread…

Easier to just use the banhammer.

Eh, it’s honest mistakes made by well-meaning newbies.

Thread necromancy is a time-honored annoyance on forums. If you don’t have some of these problems, it means you aren’t growing.

On other forums I use, if you try to post on an old thread you get a message saying “This thread is over 6 months old, perhaps it would be better to start a new one”.

I’m sorry for that I didn’t realize I had posted on a dead topic. I’m not the only person to do this though

Today is another example of why this needs to happen.


It’s not just forums newbies. Occasionally an established member of the forums does the same thing to draw attention to “how things used to be”. I do think @Shimrra’s suggestion of linking to the post is better.

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And the suggested topics are sometimes ancient, I think that’s a major reason also.
Maybe topics over 6 months old not show up as suggested.


Looks like iam a necromancer and didnt even know lol :joy::joy:, anyway Lock trópics after some time Will be great :+1: