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List of Weapons for Invasion? Do we keep them?

Ok we are currently in Daemon Invasion week, and I have purchased Tiers 1-3 in the shop, and have the Deathspire… but it kind of sucks. I was looking for the weapon I had the last Invasion in my weapons and cannot find it. So my first question is… do we get to keep the weapons after Invasion is over? If so, is there a list of Weapons somewhere that I can reference from previous Invasion weeks because I can’t remember what the last weapon was called.

You keep the weapons you got

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Last time it was a Fey invasion and the weapon was “trickster’s shot”.



Oh, ok, thank you! I have that. I guess I was looking for something that did bonus damage to towers, like Deathspire does. I think Trickster’s Shot will be better, at least until the higher levels of the Invasion when there are more towers in the battle.