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List of minor changes to improve the user's experience

I have a small list of minor items I feel would improve the players experience.

(i) In the Troop menu it should be possible to rearrange the team order
(ii) The ability to check the enemy troops spell/traits (and mine) during the AI’s turn
(iii) When levelling up our hero it would be great to see the current ‘Hero’ Mastery levels to help maintain balance
(iv) When clearing challenges it is an unnecessary pain to be booted to the world map instead of auto reloading at the next available challenge screen

In addition and separate to the theme of the above:
(v) when my Defence team loses, and I have a Revenge match available, shouldn’t I be gaining revenge against his Attack team (instead of his Defence)?
(vi) The ability to move an account from Console to PC or vice versa. It could be a one time deal, or once every 6 months, or require some form of payment.


I agree with this one especially. It is really difficult to unravel all of the mastery bonuses to find your base level, which I would like to get more or less even at some point, even if my adjusted masteries are therefore uneven.

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The two versions are WAY too different still to allow profile transferring.

Otherwise, not a bad list :slight_smile:

  1. I rearrange my teams a lot, this would be a time-saver
  2. Not a bad idea but superfluous ultimately. You can’t do anything until your turn and enemy Spells/Traits won’t change
  3. Extremely useful, I want this implemented
  4. I agree, it’s very annoying and repeating
  5. Logically your version makes more sense

also would be nice for quests - i finish one “gem” and get booted.

this is a legal and licencing issue -
one post - Future Account Link For Consoles

a good explianation of why is here:

No. 2 is just to save time really. Doing any checks you need while you cannot make a move seems more efficient.

In terms of transferring progress: Despite the differences in versions would it not still be possible to move over my unlocked troops, theyre levels/traits and each kingdoms status?

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Save time? I can get behind that

I may be wrong but it seems that is a slightly different proposal. I am suggesting a clean break from your platform and moving permanently to the new one. Moving from PC to console wouldn’t be logical as you would lose a number of troops.

But could someone leave Xbox or PS4 and permanently play PC - starting at their current level and unlocked troops/kingdoms etc.

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Similarly, the ability to retreat while the AI is taking its turn would be appreciated.

Im pretty sure I have done that. Are you on console too?

We have that on PC… when you choose the mastery to increase, all masteries show on the left side of the screen. Been like that since… ever.

On console it just shows the overall mastery for each mana colour. Is it different on PC? The overall cobsists of hero, kingdom and guild. It would be nice to see the hero mastery levels during the selection

PC shows just the hero masteries when leveling up.

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Pretty sure it’s only the hero masteries, cause they would otherwise have been more uneven in the past, when there were brown and blue kingdoms missing. Cant upload no screenshot, cause I cant level up anymore =P

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It’s only the hero’s masteries on PC/Mobile not the overall total.


I member reading this when the game shipped.

HOWERVER, this was posted before Microsoft announced the forthcoming features of Win10/xbox:

  1. Play Anywhere (buy once, play on any device)
  2. UWP (Universal Windows Apps)
  3. Unified Windows Store (if playing on PC you’d have to download the game from Microsoft not Steam)

2 & 3 are starting to roll out now, 1 is still looking like the end of this year.

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You’ve missed the unstated limitation there: As long as it’s a device Microsoft controls. Console companies have been convinced in the past to allow cross-platform connections, as long as it’s not with a competing console. Console <-> PC is fine, console <-> mobile is fine, but console <-> competitor’s console is a dealbreaker. How they enforce this, I don’t really know. Presumably it’s part of the contract / dev kit NDA.

Yeah contracts.

But keep in mind that even C to C play has a small chance now.

Microsoft openly stated they are fully setup and WILL to do console to console play based upon the publisher/developers choice. Unfortunately C to C play is currently being blocked by Sony (I presume they think to maintain their install base advantage). Sony was somewhat polite in their refusal to allow it.

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Sony has no incentive to partner with an inferior console


And Microsoft’s incentive is that they’ve bungled pretty much everything around the Xbox 1 and the unified Windows experience. Their mobile presence is pitiful, Kinect is a failure, and the TV/programming promised functions of the XB1 last all of a year before they dissolved the BU.


Two plus years after launch and PS4 won the “Console Wars”. Not my opinion, it’s overwhelmingly the opinion of the gaming industry.

Microsoft should focus on niche features and exclusive content. Going head-to-head with Sony will just result in another Sega.