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List of Accessibility Improvements

In the same vein as @StudsList of Quality of Life Improvements thread, I thought it’d be a good idea to create a thread to catalogue requests specifically around easing game accessibility for people with disabilities. Issues here can be for any platform (PC/mobile/console) but should center specifically on accessibility (colorblindness, other vision impairments, aural impairments, mobility and input impairments, or anything else that would affect a subset of the player base).

List of Accessibility issues:

  1. Flashing exclamation points, or other persistent pulsing effects, can trigger migraines in some users.
  2. The flash after battle can also trigger migraines.
  3. Some of the color contrast (guild master post color) can be harsh on those with visual impairments.
  4. Chat and settings icons in battle are too close together for some users.
  5. Leveling and ascension require too many clicks and are difficult/painful for some users.
  6. Optional black-and-white high contrast setting would benefit those with visual impairments.

Thanks was wondering if I should start the post myself.

Ok I also would like the chat button moved a bit away from the gear icon in battles. You end up hitting it instead of the gear. And I don’t have a dexterity issue and have small fingers. You have all this space available across the top so why crowd?


Remove all the excessive clicking for leveling and ascending. Give the user the ability to enter an amount in an input box.


While I definitely agree with the sentiment, is that an accessibility ask or just general QoL? It sounds like it’d benefit everyone.

I suppose it would benefit all. But, it came to my mind because the repetitive clicking can get painful because of my medical condition.


Right on. It’s a bit on the fence. If @Studs wants to add it to his list, I’ll leave it off here so as to avoid duplication.

All that clicking definitely hurts my fingers. If someone has arthritis or some other hand thing then this definitely should be under accessibility. I could see someone avoiding play because of it. Perhaps studs could put a note that it hurts accessibility to point out that it does actually hurt players physically?


It does need to be here too as it addresses an accessibility issue. It brings a different light to the request.

All righty, adding it.

optional black and white mode - where the gems are patterned instead of colors - liike stripes, dots, diagnals, all white, all black tied to mana on the cards.

Traits animation - so many flashes. Hurts my eyes.

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^^^ You may have necroed but you hit the nail on the head exactly!