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List of Quality of Life Improvements

It affects the economy because if you make it easier for people to get a resource, they won’t be as willing to pay for that resource with cash, as one side effect. This list is to address interface deficiencies that negatively impact the “ideal” game experience, not to suggest balance or reward changes.

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This is a post from a person with disabilities. Mine are visually centered. Daily migraines.

  • No more flashing exclamation points!
    Compromise!? Flash for 1 minute when you first open the game then stop flashing. Just remain there but not pulsing. PLEASE! It’s seriously annoying! I’ll decide when to take care of the notice.
    Every few minutes PVP pops up and flashes. Enough!

  • Another thing hard on my eyes, and anyone who is light sensitive, is the flash of the screen after a battle. I look away or cover the screen. Not always in time. As a person who gets migraines it kills your eyes.

  • please let me change my guild master post color! Harsh harsh color.

This game isn’t as bad as some I had to quit. There have been so many complaints about games flashing lights and player to player warnings. So I’m not alone. I don’t usually say anything but since this is a QOL thread…

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Ouch. Sorry to hear that, I can imagine it makes game playing very difficult. x(

I wonder if it’d be a good idea to create a “List of Accessibility Improvements” thread that can run parallel to this one, where similar ideas can be shared by those who have impairments.

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It probably be a short thread and a quick read for the devs! Lol
A good idea!

Copy that.


Feel free to suggest more Accessibility issues/features there.

In the troops page if I’m looking at a single troop, in the “center” panel, I’d like to be allowed to click the kingdom icon (on the lower right) to open the filtered list of the troops in that kingdom.

For example, if I’m looking at the Abhorath “center” panel, clicking on the lower right kingdom icon I’d like to activate the Karakoth filter.


For that matter:

Why does the troop card and the dropdown in the troops interface use the kingdom crest (main art) and not the banner? The crest is dense, high-frequency, and as a result it doesn’t scale down well at all on mobile. Even on desktop, where I can scale the whole application up, I can’t for the life of me remember which crest goes with which kingdom. I’ve “solved” that issue by memorizing which troops are in which kingdoms, but that’s surely not the intent.

Using the banner would be much clearer. The banners are simpler, visually distinct, reinforce themselves with the colors inherent to the kingdoms to which they belong, and scale down quite well.

EDIT: I guess that’d be a problem for the banner-less kingdoms (Primal, Apocalypse, Guardians). Oh well? Make some fake banners for those?


New suggestion: Alphabetize the Arcane Traitstones in the Hero Collection.

They are currently sorted by color, which is completely non-intuitive.

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I don’t know if this is covered - tried to find it but doesn’t appear to be.

We have how many battles we’ve won in PvP. I know how many trophies in the current guild I have won but what I would love to see on the Hero Collection tab is how many have I gotten total over the time I have been playing. (Specifically Trophies)


I was out of town for the weekend. I believe I got all of the new suggestions. Let me know if I missed any.

I disagree, I have no clue what a Red/Blue traitstone is called. They could call it the Pumpernickel Traitstone, doesn’t matter. All that matters is what it is for and I know it is used by every Red/Blue troop and if I want to know how many I have I can find it in the Reds.


@Studs, I think you missed @MakoSipper’s suggestion that I linked at the beginning of the weekend, about two posts after your last one from before the weekend. It’s for guild chests for 25 at a shot or my variation on it to hve the 50 guild chests option vary depending on how much you can afford at the time (with a maximum of 50)

Ahh, right you are! Added!

Can i get a counter or something that tells me how many troops are in the team i am about to fight in the top right hand corner of the team preview picture? I have no idea how to explain it better, but it will help players to know how many troops are on a player’s defence before they spend 50 gold. Players sometimes set a single troop on defence and this can sway the decision of some to fight that single unit vs a full team.

That would defeat the purpose of the VIP tier that gives you free scouting (i.e., shows you the troops immediately). Either you pay Gold to know, or you pay $$$ to know.


People still do single-troop defenses? :confused:

A good handful of people do it on the PS4, ha ha. I see them daily.

TIL, thanks

That’s because PS4 doesn’t have PvP 2.0. I basically never see empty defenses on PC now. Is it prevalent in lower levels?

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