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Life and Death....🤦

Okay, fine, a warning. I’m going to start handing out suspensions if I see any more ad hominem in this thread or otherwise.


L&D is fine. I kill 95% of L&D orbweaver teams with my counter-L&D team. The 5% loss is due to bad starting boards.
You just need to find someone with L&D from the top of pvp leaderboard and try your own teams against it until you make a successful team. Then don’t share that team anywhere and don’t use it as a defense team because L&D non-copy-pasta users will try to improve it to counter your now publicly known team. Then copy-pasters will copy paste it.

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I don’t know what’s changed but I feel even a month ago I had a lot more trouble with L&D than I do now? I haven’t really changed my team. I feel like Rope Dart’s been giving me more consistent trouble. I’m not really sure what changed. Either way I’ve always felt both of those weapons were above the “acceptable level of power” bar but I’ve been around that argument so many times.

If anything I think a big part of the problem is the sameyness of PvP. If you do have a problem with L&D and you don’t have the mythical “great team” against it, then it’s a pain in the butt to skip over it every 2-3 matches.

It’s not fine it needs nerfed. How do I know? Because over half of the defense teams out there use it. In the past popularity was equal to “too powerful”. When everyone used The Dragon Soul, it got nerfed. When everyone used wisps, it got nerfed. When everyone used Ubastet, it got nerfed. Time to cut the thing off by its head.

I attribute that to people are lazy. Why make a new defense when people just complain about a current one? There’s no point in actively trying to win on defense either, meaning there’s no reason to change defenses.


All the more reason to nerf the thing. There’s hundreds of weapons out there. Be creative!

Power isn’t distributed evenly among weapons. There might be hundreds of them, but there are probably less than 2 dozen weapons with anything approaching a power level.

If you want L&D nerfed, here’s how you go about it: write a small essay laying out how its features give it a power level above and beyond other meta weapons. Maybe come up with a good subjective but repeatable way to measure weapon power. Lay out the natural counters to L&D and explain why you think they aren’t as effective as the counters to other weapons. Finally, propose what an adjusted L&D would look like, with discussion as to why that would keep it in place among meta weapons without making it so downplayed it’s useless.

Then brace yourself, because the only response you’re going to get out of these forums is that you’re a dumb n00b who doesn’t know anything about teambuilding. Further, they’ll posit you want the game to be “too easy” therefore you want all good weapons nerfed.

But right now you’re not talking about L&D. You’re talking about the lack of variety in PvP, which is a different problem that’s been around even longer than L&D.

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