Let's Try Voting Again! (Vote for your favourite entry in our custom PS4 competition)

It has been pinned! :slight_smile:


@Saltypatra 10 from each bracket to the total of 20? Or 5 from each, to the total of 10?

Most likely neither. I have another plan that will only come to pass if there isn’t a clear ten. Such as if there are several entries coming in the tenth spot at the same number of votes so we need to narrow it down further.

bumping manually as this is supposedly pinned but somehow i dont see it on top of the list at http://community.gemsofwar.com/
(idk is there different kind of pin?)

maybe someone could still vote :slight_smile:

Once you have viewed a pinned thread once, it “unpins” for you. It’s still pinned at the top for everyone who hasn’t seen it. So bumping only affects those who’ve seen the thread already.


Its pinned globally so no matter if youve seen it, it should stay

Last day to vote everyone! Get on it!


Is AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time? Does it mean the dead line is kinda right now? Is the voting over then? O_O

Edited: Why I can still vote in the first bracket but cannot vote in the second?

All done. Thanks for voting everyone. We will announce the winner early next week!

EDIT: The winner of the PS4 and also the winners of all our goodies.


You mean winners? There is more then one prize :slight_smile:

Good luck again to the top 10 it was nice to see every talent

Congratulations to the Top Ten!!! :scream:

And best of luck to all!!! :hugs:

This is such a talented community! :astonished:


@Saltypatra so who is the lucky winner of the awesome PS4?

I will be announcing the winner this week. :slight_smile:


Cool good luck again everyone!!!


I’m gonna hold my breath til then!

Ok… maybe I’ll just cross my fingers… :crossed_fingers:



Gizmo had a nice entry but was foiled by copyright laws… Gizmo is sad but wishes all good luck


Pretty sure I screwed up voting too much, but I wish everyone luck!

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You must have good luck good lads! :hugs:

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When thinking of it, the the storage cover for a PS4 is easy removable. What I am saying that they could start producing PS4 GoW covers so everyone could buy! Or stickers for PS4 cover, I do buy them! :smiley:


I would buy one! Excellent idea brudda!

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