Let's talk about the upcomming mythic(spoilers)


So famine is in the troops list and we have a grasp on its spell and cost as well as traits. What is everyone’s thoughts. My thoughts are wow that is extremely amazing and totally worth the rarity.


I think it’s a bit to early to judge Famine already, but I’ll play along:

Area mana drain sounds pretty nasty and his colors allow much better support than War. I’m already constructing a team using him and Alchemist.

Once I get him I’ll definitely level him up.

EDIT: Just faded a few spoilers, thanks @Eika


Think we can make a loop team using the revealed colors?


I highly doubt that you are able to loop with a horseman in your team. But I consider replacing Orion in my team with him:

Green Seer*

The extra brown might get in the way though.


Changed the title a little, in case of those that just cant take the slightest of spoilers, not me included tho. :slight_smile:


Well I know that Psion doesn’t share any colors with Famine, I may play around with putting together a true mana lock deck.


I wasn’t sure if you can call that a spoiler since everyone can already see the new mythic (at least that’s what I’ve heard)


We have for sure some in our guild that would had called it for a spoiler, that doesnt even check all the troops. So it might be a slight spoiler for someone.


I would wonder if it is a spoiler as it is in the troop list and revealed to everyone.[quote=“Emos, post:6, topic:8477, full:true”]
Well I know that Psion doesn’t share any colors with Famine, I may play around with putting together a true mana lock deck.
That sounds awesome.[quote=“Eika, post:8, topic:8477”]
So it might be a slight spoiler for someone.

Sniped me is strong


Yeah, some doesnt even check ‘show all’ in their troops list, because they just want the surprise to see the new troop(s) when the new event start. :slight_smile:


Could go with a waste away build:


Very little color overlap (Moloch and Famine share yellow). Enemy troops lose 1 stat for every match 4+ and first troop looses 4 every turn. Masteries reduced by 75% from double jinx slowing rate of mana surge. Moloch and Famine can both mana drain while Abhorath keeps disrupting the board. All troops get 4 life as well as 2 attack and 1 magic from daemon bonus


I was thinking
Alchemist/mercy/greenseer/other mana maker.


One supporter will not be able to fuel all three horseman alone. You need at least a second one.


In this case it’d be more of a defense build, as nobody will want to see this first troop lose 6 skill points every turn. So people will probably skip you…


That is the plan or just 4x famine cause screw the meta i got famine.


Didn’t think about that, but getting the third trait will be a huge pain…


Indeed and so will getting more than one of them.


II think this is what some of the 1% will do. 3x fully-traited Famine, 1x Mercy (maybe) or Alchemist, and the majority of opponents will just skip them due to the crazy stat loss. Nobody likes stat loss.


Seeing as it will hit all the stats of the first troop you have to keep buffing the first troop or kill all the famins quickly while sacrificing the first troop.


Right, so stick a tank in the 1st slot with heavy damage dealers behind. Let the Famines debuff the tank all they want