Let's All Agree to Save Our Gems


Due to the most recent nerf to gems, I say all top guilds should come together and agree never to upgrade their sentinels higher than level 3.

This will help everyone to save gems while still keeping Guild Wars at a level playing field.


How can we save gems that way, if the sentinels are upgraded with gold?

EDIT: sorry, confused sentinels with guardians. :slight_smile:


Accoring to the reply i have just recieved from support Tacet, they told me that i can gain Gems from the “huge” GWs Gem payouts?

What a joke.

Now we need you mate, i feel you are the publics main man for this game. Is there anything VIP members can do about this? You are the voice.


I think at this point it is best to wait to hear what @Sirrian response is to the community’s push-back.

All we can do with the current situation is be frugal with what we currently have.

I think people actually wouldn’t mind the reductions as much if the quality of the game (QoL improvements, bug fixes, etc.) was to be improved. Many patches as of recently have been creating more problems, not solutions.


Well i have had a responce from my support ticket, and was told to do one!


That’s exactly what we’ve told our members at Últimos Guardianes this morning, after seeing the new guild task rewards… very disappointing.



Do you think they will have reduced the Gem chance in Treasure maps now also?



But realistically, would it matter? No one bothers to even play the game mode in late game, lol.


Treasure Hunt has been a mostly ignored game mode. I doubt they changed that. People have been getting 50+ gems per hours on maps since the update.


Actually I’m only going to level my Sentinels to 2223. Just spend a few Gems for additional magic but that it. A shame really, I was doing at minimum 3335 weekly. Gems are as valuable as IRL Gems now :wink:


Dang it! I took mine to 4! Never doing 5 ever again!


There needs to be 2 treasure hunts, one’s staying as is, one with crafting rewards only.
Event keys need to be event troops only. Currently they are a con.
The way they’re going many good players will leave.
I have other ideas and complaints but don’t want to flood tacet’s thread.
I think we should all just save gems period. Maybe for one month?


Another idea! Stop spending $$$$… 2 people in my guild bought seals last week and its nice getting those but I really just wanted to tell them they should not have spent real money on this game because VIP is now worthless!


In my opinion the whole reason gems have been nerfed is because they are not making as much profit as they would like to see so not spending may make them nerf us even harder :woman_shrugging:


If they carry on the way they are, then there wont be many players left to nerf!


If people start spending they will do high fives and they wont care about the complainers because money talks! If the $ slows the changes will change back!


They’re obviously nerfing us so that we do spend money. Not spending money will only make them do something even more drastic? I don’t know we’ll have to see what a dev says about it all :thinking:


Sadly it also hit those of us that spent far too much already…


You do what you wish, don’t try and gather some cabal together. Individual guilds and individual players will decide, though guilds can lower requirements.


If he wants to suggest something I have no problem with it! He is a grown man and I’m not going to tell a grown man what he can or cannot try to do! You should not either!