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Let hero use all 3 perks

No one uses heroes still because they are too weak. Try letting a hero use all 3 perks instead of pick one.


Where did you get that one? I see Sorcerers everywhere and they kick my *** if I don’t block them with webbing.

I’m on console and hero teams suck.
+8 armor
+2 magic
Race bonus

One perk is meh, even all 3 is only ok.

Agree for 3 perks.
Except for the +2 Magic, the rest are really just meh.
Racial bonus is nice in theory, but in practice is too hard to set up for a satisfactory lineup.
At least, after some experimenting around, a demonic/sorcerer build is pretty much the only time I would use my Hero.

Heroes should be powerful enough that you want to include them in every team. I hardly ever see them on console. And when I do its usually easy.

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I use my Hero plenty, I use 4 Classes regularly.

The third Perk is always the Race bonus but the first 2 Perks are different for all Classes. They can be 2 of these4: +8 Life, +8Armor, +4 Attack & +2 Magic

They could do that. Even with all 3 perks active at the same time it still wouldnt be too terrific. But as it is, you hardly ever use the racial perk, cause that still means you sacrifice +2 magic for getting a mediocre bonus.

What they could also do instead is make more events for the game… weekly, to spice things up a bit. Only smaller changes that you need to adapt to on a weekly basis. And allowing all perks active at the same time could be part of such an event… and could thus reappear from time to time.

I know the first two perks vary by class. I’ve not been tempted nor have I seen very many pvp opponents use heroes. Heroes even with the 250 win weapon are still too weak at least on console.
Why don’t you use a hero in your main team talia?

I use 8 teams as a “main team” and switch them up depending on opponent. Then my defense teams are completely different altogether.

I use my Knight Hero the most;

Knight Coronet***
Griffon Knight***
Hero* - Kingslayer on offense, Serve and Protect for defense
Wolf Knight***
Sword Banner (Yellow/Blue) for offense, Broken Banner (Blue/Brown) for defense


Using the hero is mostly attractive because of the weapons you can use, but very few weapons, aside from the ones we could buy in the past, are relevant. Having all three Perks active would be a nice boost, maybe it would need some tweaks for the +2 Magic to be changed into +1 Magic and +2 “Something else” depending on the class.

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You underestimate my hero use. Hero is in one of my most played teams.

I don’t use the hero either. I think 3 perks instead of one wouldn’t change much on that end…
What the hero really needs are new weapons. Either support weapons with a spell in the vein of Alchemist / Valkyrie or weapons with a spell on par with Khorvash or Queen Mab… Currently, the hero spells are on par with Behemoth in my opinion.

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Considering Behemoth can be quite dangerous if played right (95% of players don’t) then I agree. Heroes can also be quite dangerous.

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Different weapons would certainly shake things up. As it is, most of the weapons just do some kind of damage, with a small number that do different things as well as damage (and a very small number that do things other than damage). Having a bigger variety of options would increase the hero’s viability.

It’s interesting, that with all the flexibility that the hero offers, it still doesn’t get much use. The hero classes added a large amount of viability, but still just doesn’t seem useful enough unless your teams are static. I think we’d see more use if you can assign classes to teams like they were troops, as others have suggested before.

The ONLY reason the Hero doesn’t get used much is because it doesn’t fit into the Maw or Mab teams that 98% of players abuse for fast, easy wins.

I would like to see more choices with how the weapons with Heros are used… and how the perks are built as well.

So how would you fit a hero in your original blue build?

I think all 3 perks would be a bit too much, especially earlier on in the game. There is also the problem of the 3rd trait acting as a negative more than a positive if just placing the hero into a random team.

One thing I would love to see with perks is tradeoff pick options. Something like +16 HP with -4 Attack, +4 magic with -8 HP, etc.

I meant that the (best) spells of the hero were on par with the Behemoth('s spell). An AoE damage with a side utility effect.
The Hero himself isn’t on par with Behemoth.

I think he is behind in term of traits (especially now that Impervious is almost legendary tier) and ahead in term of stats. Stats make a huge difference early in the game, but almost none for end game players. Wich is why hero isn’t played much late game in my opinion.

Probably replace Behemoth. Would have to test, but it would be a Knight Hero with Serve and Protect or Lion’s Claw and I’d put the Hero in the first position.