Leonis Empire Raid Boss Teams


Might as well see what other people are going to use. I plan on using:
Golden Sun

Raid Boss [Leonis Empire]

Depends on how much skull reflect they have. Could just go Mang with Ishballa/The Devoted/Vorph for a couple hundred levels.


3 Ishbaalas behind a mountin crusher


Amira would be good in the earlier stages to help against Zuul, then later she wouldn’t be so great. Manticore can help with some control for the minions while gaining some attack for later skull matches.

Leonis is great kingdom generally speaking, the low rarity cards/troops have decent spells and traits. Lion Prince is a great low rarity troop for new players, Wandering Monk too. Also Khopeshi can scramble the enemy composition and even pull Zuul to face the hero with Mang earlier.


Monster Muncher
+9 Death Knell sorcerer (100)