Legendary war lords recruiting

Update: Legendary warlords have room for now 11 ACTIVE players. rank doesn’t matter. being active does. requirements. be active in the weekly guild battles, collect guild seals to reach 1500. donations to the guild. ( the colored tasks are not what you need to donate too as a lump sum. all the members help complete the tasks). its a donation as what you can afford while saving coins to open your kingdoms and leveling them up to 10. collecting your seals daily, until you reach max of 15,000. and checking on guild chat as questions are asked and answered by someone. no question is a stupid question. we are all learning the game. we are a fun active laid back team. if interested send me a pm. here or on Xbox. name on Xbox is ChipinQueen. currently ranked 519 Thanks

Suggest you change your category from guild chat to recruitment

how do I do that? I seen others posted in guild chat looking for recruitment’s. thought this is where i make the post.

It is correct now

ok thank you

Is this guild on PC or Xbox?
If you’re on Xbox you need to change your heading again from Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile)
to Xbox.

How do I change from guild chat to recruitment pls n thx

click on edit, and drop down menu on right where your heading is at, then scroll to recruit

make sure you pick pc/mobile or the xbox one