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Legendary Troops in Legendary Tasks

In the past 8 days we have completed 90 Legendary Tasks. With only one Legendary Troop coming from a LT. Has anyone else on PC/Mobile experienced this (possible) ninja Nerf? (No Mythics either but that drop rate has always been super low).

On ps4 we’ve got glitter claw and issh bala or whatever her name is in the last 20 tasks.


Got three legendary troops from LTs in last 10 tasks.

Maybe only your guild got ninja nerfed for completing too many.


Or… Because “I’m no longer a customer”?
The timing is pretty immaculate.
I was also demoted in Guild Wars from Champion to Herald. A guy that scored lower than me in the guild is now a Champion. But I don’t think that’s nefarious in nature. Guild wars has always been full of bugs and the recent changes caused even more bugs. Bug Wars is what I’ve come to recognize it more as.

Now 94:2 or 47:1


I think the Normal ratio is 20:1

Nevertheless thank you RNG God’s for hearing my plight and giving us a legendary troop 30 minutes after my post. :grinning::pray:

How convenient… Was this all just a ruse so you could brag about the amount of LTs done within a small space of time? :wink:



I think that legendary troops have remained somewhat consistent, though not always at a consistent rate. Either flood or drought. However, getting mythics through LT seems to have decreased dramatically. I can’t remember the last time we’ve seen one of those…
I remember @Saltypatra saying awhile back that the more LT’s done in a week the better the rewards, but that statement is false.


Lol no… I’m constantly bragging that we do 60 LT a week. Nothing new or ruse needed…

I have all the TS I could ever need so I’m just annoyed by recently always getting them in LT.

We only completed maybe five legendary tasks last week, but we pulled two legendary troops. I keep hoping for a Mythic haha!


Our sister guild, Gems N Roses, has done 9 legendary tasks over 14 days…0 legendary Troops as well. So I don’t think it’s cause we do so many tasks.

And people say posting on the forums is a waste of time.

Update 96:3 or 32:1 ish
Almost to that 20:1 Sweet spot. Lol

Based off what happened with legendary Troops after my post today. I’ll be bringing that up tomorrow. Lol

104 Legendary Tasks the past 9 days.
3 Legendary Troops.

34:1 ish

Thats unfortunate my friend. I honestly mean that, sometimes we all get a streak of bad luck. We have only gotten 5 legendaries in our last 25 LTs which were all yesterday so I feel your pain. :beers: here’s to your luck improving!

111 tasks 10 days.
Our 4th legendary troop earlier today.

Brings the ratio to 111:4
28:1 ish

I don’t know exact stats but pretty sure in MM we’ve had 3-4 legendary troops pop out of legendary tasks in recent weeks. We also recently had ChampionOfAnu drop from one :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the Mythic LT! That’s a whole another can of worms. So ball park please…4 legendary Troops over 14 days and just guess how many LT in that time?

@esslee help???

I’m not sure why you’re upset about this. Getting a lower proportion of Legendary troops in LT’s means you’re getting a higher proportion of everything else. Given that everything else in Table 3 is more useful to end-game players (and even more so for anyone in all but the very early stages of building their collection), I’d be glad for it.