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Legendary task rewards are poor and not worth it. Discuss

Taken from our first legendary tasks.

First legendary task…
2 gem keys
15 glory keys

2 gem keys
500 glory
20 minor brown stones

4 event keys
20 minor purple stones
2 gem keys

Forgive me if I got this slightly wrong because I’m in shock as those meagre rewards for 1,000,000 gold are appalling. Really really stinky. Poo. Just dreadful rewards. We need to start a poll. This must change!
After the first task we had hope, after the second we thought it can’t be this bad again… I think we got blinkered. It’s a waste of time and gold.

Anyone else agree?


Complete agreement - welcome to a few months ago for those of us in PC/mobile world. The minor stones especially are a slap in the face every time.


The legendary tasks are not meant to have a great return of investiment. They are just gold sink for at least some return for all the extra gold the big guilds have in surplus.


They’re currently VERY(extreme emphasis) limited in terms of usefulness and need changed, yes.

Event keys need removed from the loot pool for a start and stones can be gotten from explore.

As it stands, The “Forge a Trait” task gives you 2 gem keys for completing.

Your third task rewards are a perfect example of how awful legendary tasks currently are.

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As @XLS78 says, welcome to the new world order…

Sorting it is unlikely to be a high priority for devs as it’s probably only the top ten or so guilds that actually get to complete these…

The rewards are better than nothing… just

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guys you probably should join this thread:

i think legendary tasks for console and pc/mobile are the same


Feel free to paste this page over there. I do occasionally look in the pc/mobile threads.

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I would be happy if they replaced the 20 minor stones with 3-5 Runics instead.


I can understand that the console players got a little “spoiled” since they have some daily tasks with extra resources waaaaaaay before the new guild system and the legendary tasks in place. But again, these legendary tasks are not meant to always bring great returns from the investiment. It’s aimed for guilds that have too much gold and nothing to do with it.

I am starting to ask myself if there is a plausible way to keep pleasing every whim from the players… The developers provided a freemium game with plenty features that favors the free portion of the player base, but seems like there is no limit…

Heck, the game is so “free to play” that it has a failure on it’s economy design: People complain that spending money in the game bears no guarantee of obtaining stuff they actually want like Mythic cards, that’s because the premium currency of the game, gems/gem keys or better, that were supposed to be the “way to go” for better drops are handed like free candy. If gems could be used to buy Mythics then people could gather those in time and never buy packs. In the end people are not motivated to spend money on gems because it’s a gamble when you use those, and because they are devalued since there is too much ways to get those just by playing the game.


The biggest problem is not having anything to do with the gold because it’s probably better to save it for next week. I personally love the game, and both my fiancee and I are vip 5, having reached that just after Christmas, and I pay for both accounts! I have done thus because these devs deserve every penny from the folks who contribute to this great game. So please don’t feel like I’m complaining. I just think for the time and effort putting a million gold and getting a couple of keys and some minor stones is a bit tight. The pvp rewards aren’t great but I think this needs a bit of attention. :+1:
It’s great to hear from others regarding this and it obviously divides opinion. Thank you for your contribution.

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hmm maybe half the cost goldwise and add an option to complete with souls also? and ofc remove the minor stones :sunglasses:

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You figured it out.
Look i’m not being harsh with this topic, i’m more upset with the most recent mindset some people have with every new feature that brings even more rewards when the past alternative was just F$#ing Nothing*.

Follow my trail of thought: People complained that there is nothing to do with the “gajillions” of gold they have stashed since the change from the old task system to this one… The devs provides legendary tasks, it’s better than nothing, but trying to make it even better could be a dangerous stretch, or meaningless, because the premium currency is so devalued that even if the legendary tasks would provide 200 gems or 20 gems keys you barely have a chance to get the ultra-rares or legendary troops you need for ascension, and an infinitesimal chance to get a Mythic when concluding one task. If you/your guild can spend a huge load of gold you could at best get one mythic, maybe the one you need or not… So the result is that the gems are now more devalued and your/your guild general consensus is that you need MORE GEMS in order to achieve what you desire/need with a fair (totally subjetive) chance…

I honestly can’t see another way to fix GoW’s economy unless the devs decide to introduce another premium currency. One that is extremely hard to obtain for free, most commonly obtained with purchases and some rare festive events, and with a huge payout when used.

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We don’t have gold stashes when we’ve finished the tasks, just play more to get more. I think that’s the reason I find the rewards a bit tight. You’re obviously a much more experienced player than I am and appreciate your input.

I see players more experienced than me, with more resources than 80% of the current player base, but always craving for more… So don’t keep very high regards based on that.

And i’m never too experienced to not learn something from others, but what i understand, when you say:

Is that your time playing feels less valuable, since you get less rewards for much more effort collecting the gold to contribute and as you get less rewards your progress is slowed down from this point. So it’s not the best experience for a player in a game with weekly releases.

Even if you and your guildmates could look at it from another perspective, that you all reached a point that smaller guilds can’t, it doesn’t help a lot because there is this feeling that you need something more.

My guild doesn’t finishes all tasks every week, and i’m not saying it to make you feel better comparing the cases, it’s just that aside from the bonus to status after completing the tasks there is nothing else to do as a guild so we feel pretty much the same i believe. I can only hope that the upcoming Guild Wars will shaken things up and renews the guilds experience in GoW.

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To look at it a different way. Its a nice little gamble punt costing 30 guild members just 33,333 gold each - when you could win 25-60 gems, 6 arcanes or a mythic.


I have an idea! If those rewards suck then don’t spend your gold on it! Save the excess for the next week!

Yes, we have a fantastic bunch of people and I aim to keep it tight knit, fun friendly and not too hardcore.

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Yes, we said we’d do it then one of our guys whacked in 810k he was saving for his kingdoms! We’re very lucky to have such an unselfish group.

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This is how I have come to look at it too. Works as long as enough guildies are doing their bit.


Welcome to your future that will NOT be refined. Enjoy those tasks (or don’t), they’re all you will get. Hmmm… While we’re on the subject, are additional seals ever going to be added to the drop pool as they were original intended to be? Or has that been deemed too free-to-player friendly and scrapped in entirety?