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Legendary Ingots, where are you?

Did I miss the way to farm Legendary Ingots?
Because there is 91 Legendary weapons (surely more and more) and with 45 Legendary Ingots for each of them that means 4095 Legendary Ingots.

I’m okay with long term goal but here with the few of them that we can gain by week (i.e. tier PVP, calendar, events), it’s going to be a long long way… And no I don’t think gem keys will be help so much.


New minigame next patch supposedly farms ingots as one of its primary resources.

There is also the capability to obtain 21 legendary ingots every time they add a new weapon. While most wouldn’t do this, that does cover about half the cost of all new weapons.

So, if you pay 1k gems each Boss Raid/Invasion week you’ll only dig your hole half a weapon deeper, not a whole one. :thinking:

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Hi Tacet, is there going to be a mini game to win ingots ? For sure ?

That’s what devs said in the last Q&A.
Still we don’t know which rarity and how many can be gained… And if you look at the last events, rewards are not that great aside if you give k of gems…

Maybe a mod like exploration but for ingots ?

Yup but you will need sigils :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vip chests should have one guaranteed Epic Ingot or superior.
That is, if they want to make Vip points more appealing for future customers.

And why not give +1 ultra rare ingots every day for each vip level?

The “minigame” is just going to be another cash shop. Gems, according to prices, are worth a small fortune. This ingot bullshit is going to be like 5 common ones for 10 thousand dollars. :smiley:


I’m ok with it, this makes every vip level count for a lifetime benefit, as long as the game exists that is, giving financial support to the game even if people don’t want to/can’t commit to high VIP Levels.

Ahem. How many of these are actually usable, though?

Legendary ingot drop rate from gem chests is about 1 in 500.

The dev really have to do something for the ingots.

In the somewhat distant future, post 10-stars, weapon maxing requirements become a very major requirement of reaching the upper eschalons of each kingdom’s power levels. Therefore, the answer is “all of them”.


I like how the Raid/Invasion shops include 21 Legendary Ingots each time you buy up to Tier 5… until you realize that means you’re falling behind another 24 Legendary Ingots for each new weapon that’s released.

Its a hopeless endeavor to chase at the moment, so I’m better off upgrading my favorites and saving the rest of my ingots (which completely defeats the purpose of upgrading weapons to find some use out of older weapons that had no use before since most aren’t practical to upgrade)

The requirements of upgrading weapons for a kingdom really could be dialed back by a half for all star levels…


It took 3 years to reach 10 stars, do you guys think we will ever see 20 stars kingdom? They better release more than 3 troop every week cause it gonna take more then 3 years to do it

There was a spoiler thread somewhere around here that went by last week that had the datamined power level requirements for 11-20. The rate of power creeping for new stars post-10 accelerates considerably. If the upcoming kingdom event schedule holds true as it currently stands, we will see a sneak preview of what post 10-star life will be like in late September when the game will see it’s first 10-star AND 11-star kingdom simultaneously (assuming the player can clear the next progression wall at 11 stars that week).

Moving forward, post-10 stars, troops are not the primary roadblock anymore for advancing kingdom power.

Meanwhile, there are 8 common weapons which are fully upgraded with 15 common ingots for a grand total of 120 ingots.

I don’t maths very good, but common should be more common than legendary, right?

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It would be cool if they had a new mini game similar to treasure hunt that increases your chances of getting better ingots the more turns you have.

I just hope that whatever it is, it isn’t a gem sink :frowning:

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