Leaderboard tie/rigging

The leaderboard rigging in events and such is absolutely ridiculous. Leaderboard are used for everything and how many times do you see a 10 way tie for first, it’s a terrible system and needs changing. If two people/guilds are tied it should drop down to a secondary start, time, average level achieved, etc etc something else to determine the positions on the leaderboard instead of the current lazy implementation currently ingame.


Why would you want to reduce the rewards gained by the playerbase?

Get in on the tie, and enjoy.


Here’s the thing about rigging, by way of analogy.

Imagine you are in a contest, and the winner of the contest gets $100. There are 5 other people competing. It costs $10 for one entry, and people are sorted by “most wins”. (2nd place is $50 and third place is $10.)

If you buy 11 tickets in this contest and win, you lose $10. You spent more than the prize. If you buy 10 tickets, you break even. What you’d really like to do is make $90 by spending $10. How?

Well, if you point out to all the other participants that a tie involves the prize being awarded to each person in the tie, you can all agree to spend $10. Since there is a leaderboard, it’s clear if someone decided to spend $20. So if all of you decide to spend $10, everybody makes $90 back. This is good for everyone.

Now, some joker might decide he wants to be a jerk and spend $20. If everyone spends $20, now everyone makes $80. If everyone sits on their $10, that guy gets $90 and everyone gets $80. That might inspire the jerk to spend $30, and so on.

Note that once a spending war starts, everyone loses. That jerk might be prepared to spend $110 just to say he “won”. He’ll lose $10. But everyone else will lose $50 or more, since they can only tie for 2nd. Now he’s made the game such that if you don’t lose a lot of money, you can’t “win” and it’s better to not play at all. His aim isn’t to win the most stuff, his aim is to make sure nobody wins.

Meanwhile, The House is chuckling. Thanks to this malcontent, their losing game is set up such that every week. Some guy pays $150 for the pleasure of losing $50, and 9 other people lose something between $70-80 trying to catch him. They paid out $160 and took in about $850. Good game!

Now, seriously sit down and tell me. Who is the smart one? The people fighting to lose money, or the people who figure out how to spend $10 to get $100?

Now, if you heard about this game, what would your move be? Would you also like to make $90 guaranteed? Good news, it’s easy. Make friends with the people making money, and agree you won’t fight against them. Now it’s an 11-way tie.

Meanwhile: the game doesn’t even give out real $100 prizes. It’s imaginary money. So the people running the game get $100 if 10 people pay $10, and pay out $0, so they make $100. But if they can talk that one jerk into spending $110, they end up making on the order of $800 and still pay out nothing.

The game’s not fair, but not for the reasons you’re insinuating. The only way to beat the house is to tie, and that requires you to cooperate with other people. That’s why it never works on some platforms. And somehow I’m supposed to believe it’s “more honorable” to spend more than the prize is worth to win. You do you, guy, I’m gonna contact you about a contest I’m running soon.



The rules of the game are explicitly set up to show you that you will win more if you can organize a tie with other players. If, instead, you compete to be the only one to win, you will spend more than you have to and cannot guarantee you will even get the prize you wanted.

And somehow the dishonorable cheaters are not the people who spend as much as possible to make sure as few people as possible get a prize, but the people who decide to stop so they can spend less and more people get the prize.

Wouldn’t you be just mad as hell if someone else did something so you could get the same prizes for one less tier in guild events? I know I would. Screw that guy! I like spending more.


Lol, do you have a TL;DR for the TL;DR.

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It’s a vital skill. At work I front-load the TL;DR so my boss knows which part’s for him. :wink:

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I swear slyp’s spirit animal is the teal deer

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It 100 people tie it does not bother me and I’m not sure why it would bother anyone else. If someone or 50 someone’s do way more than you then what is the difference. You can try and join the tie as well as long as someone does not freak out when they see you coming and move.

Personally I’m surprised that the devs haven’t stopped this, as you say they could have a secondary points scoring system (like GW) such as troops lost, mana created, number of moves etc. Lets get everybody in the whole game to tie so 100,000 people all get an orb of power for 1st place. It devalues it for those who have earnt it genuinely. In fact lets just give out Zuul to everyone to make it even.

Some times I read your too long versions, some times I read the TL:DR versions, some times both, some times neither. It all depends on how much time I’m willing to spend on the subject. Time is also a cost in posting on the leaderboard.

There are times during bounty events where I am listed at top 10% despite having the same score as 97 thru 100. Do I receive 75 gems and a minor orb? Idk, I don’t pay attention, but I don’t think so. Or are the rewards for 51-100 25 gems, I don’t remember.

I have no issue with 10, 20, or 100 players conspiring to top the LB. But I do enjoy all the crying the next day when one person decides to troll by killing three towers just before reset. Time well spent. gl hf

Edit: TL: DR Version I have the gems to top the LB, but not the time. If I had the time, I’d top it. That is the more important resource in this game.

They don’t have to. People keep driving up the costs to set up the tie, then some dbag comes along and ruins the tie anyways. Quite a few of the tie ruiners still don’t end up in first. Only people that win these mess of a gongshow are the devs.


This is the real TL;DR of my post.

Again: you win if you have the charisma and leadership to convince all of your likely opponents into agreeing to a tie. All of you spend fewer resources to get the same thing. You lose if you fight to be on top no matter what. It’s like why people say “there’s no winner at an auction”. Everybody else in the game declared “this is the fair price for the prize”. You shouted loudly, “No, I’d rather pay more!” Generally the guy who paid more than the estimated value isn’t considered wise, especially when the item can’t be resold.

So, for Towers of Doom, event rewards are done at 700, and individual rewards are done at 25th floor. At least I haven’t found a forge scroll after 25, but then again, I normally stop at 70 +/-.

So, in theory, if a 30 person guild wants to max individual forge scrolls, and finds 5 luck scrolls for 35 dooms total, then all guilds should stop at 1050. Right? Maybe 1100 because some will have better Luck with Lucks. Uh oh, I guess I just brought rng in to another thread.

It’s Gems of War, not Gems of Cooperation or Gems of Fairness. To all the guilds surpassing the 2500 Doom count, my sincere thanks for keeping this game f2p for the rest of us. Good looking out. :blush::+1:

Everyone just stop playing events and we will all get the gems and power orbs for nothing!!! Lol


I suspect it’s easy to judge others for colluding to get a power orb. When the individual judging has never spent thousands of gems. Finished second in an event. And was awarded a couple Major Growth Orbs for their time and resources.

As far as I’m concerned. 2-100 need a serious revision rewards wise. Until that happens…I can’t judge anyone for gaming the system to make it less of a screw job.

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I seriously want to know what would happen if the entire game had a 0 score haha. It’d probably be as boring as a tie for 1st but still.

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Wow, what a sour grapes topic. Jealous of other people winning stuff.

No jealousy here, y’all earn your rewards.

As for others, I think they are merely advocating rewards for all. Which is impossible, of course. The game’s leaderboard will only recognize the first 100, so 101 will always try to get some reward for (non-gender specific)'s efforts. (trying to offend the least amount of players here).

I did finish 3rd on April 1 Raid boss (xbox). I thought I finished 2nd once as well, but either I’m mistaken, or it was prior to Nov 22 (earliest entry). So while I do empathize with anyone who invests that much time and misses out on top rewards, I believe the most efficient way to ensure the community wins is on the Towers of Doom LB. 500 gems for almost 100 guilds on Pc/mobile if y’all stop at 1100.

I’m a humble Orc by nature, but if you wanted to name it the “Chunky Peace Accords” after me, I would be flattered.

Lol the people saying jealousy is the reason, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Unfortunately I’m an older gamer who still values competitive play, sorry I don’t fit in with the “everyone wins” mentality. It was mentioned our guild could join in with it, we are high enough to do it, we also have enough people who arn’t willing to cheat the system. So anyone else what to say jealousy or something along those lines, take your pathetic attempts at trolling elsewhere.

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I’m pretty sure if you tie in an event for the lowest slot, you do indeed get the rewards. I’ve been surprised by “you did really well in the last event” mail before.

Even if it’s 50 players who are all “71st” place—meaning 21 “extra” rewards get sent out. I could be wrong—head-butted an elf an hour ago, so my brain’s a little mashed.

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