Lazy Town (Weekly Event Post)

We know what restrictions will be ?

104,000 to get Stage 12 rewards => 3,467 per member
Modeling based on equal numbers of all troops taken comes to 3,440 points for 'Tier 2' shop buy.

But most may buy Tier 4 for the new weapon anyway.


28 (starting) + 2 (T1) + 3 (T2) = 33 sigils
Valraven multiplier: 2.15x - 2.3x ~ 70 - 74 battles
Average points assuming no player choice, and you have to take equal numbers of all troops over time:
(2) + (3 x 1.18) + (4) + (5 x 1.18) + (6) + (7 x 1.18) = 297 points, repeating every 6 battles
Points at 70 - 74 battles ~ 3440 - 3640

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My calculations:

Cares = 0
Speed @ tier 2 potions > tier 1 > tier 0
Speed @ tier >2 = speed @ tier 2
Tiers = 2

… this took longer to do than I thought. Shush.


Wait. So on top of all this, there’s an “event” troop, in exchange for our precious gems of course, which actually doesn’t even add extra value to our score/performance during the event?

Ohh, and such a coincidence too!

Edit: and yes, i missed it in the OP because of frustrations. Luckily maybe.

It sort of does, for some players it increases the global attack value by one. :wink:
Sin of Maraj was the last kingdom added, it’s very low on troops. I’ll take Gael, even though the usefulness in battles escapes me for now.


Epic, not rare.

I still find the Stoneskin trait to be idiotic when considering the cast.


Basically Round 1, 2, 3…

Y’all do this on a weekly basis.
But still won’t publish the GW formula points after 3 bug filled years.

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It’s not funny. The scoring rules should be simple and written in the game itself in the event description. Instead, you write the history of the world there. Who is interested in this story?

Something, something, marginal, 50/50 chance to transform a single Daemon (most enemies except for Tankbot), no extra turn, something, gl.

Not me. I definitely don’t care about the “lore” nor do I understand why some players allegedly ask for this.

World events held the promise of having interesting combinations of scoring rules. What I imagined was something like a combination of GW, Bounty, Invasion, etc. I imagined we’d get bonus points for using troops with this color, or that trait, with scores adjusted by how “efficiently” we won. Do you use the troop with a clear advantage and take a point penalty, or go a little slower? Those kinds of choices are interesting.

Instead all variety has disappeared from the game. Every week is “get the medal, use the obvious team, tap the stage with the best color.”

I think after this campaign’s over my campaign might be over. We’re at the point where I feel GoW needs auto-battle.


I like the lore, but I find it incredibly lame that the premise of the lore is to obtain something that you can buy with gems.

I’m kind of disappointed, just a little bit, that the troop restriction this week is so broad. The only restrictions are red and purple, like a delve. I actually liked the restrictions because it forces a little creativity.


Salty, I’m genuinely curious; are you able to type all this with a straight face? Or are you laughing at us while doing so? This is such utter nonsense I hope you at least can crack a sadistic smile while putting it on the forum.


I think she’s the victim here. Can you imagine it being your job to announce these rules each week?


I’m really confused here – should I just always take the highest rarity fight? I don’t know, because Infernal Machine is rare but Tankbot 2000 is Epic – Tankbot 2000 drops 4 gears and Infernal Machine says it drops a variable number, but I’ve only ever gotten 3.

For Lamashtu and Tartarus, Tartarus is legendary and Lamashtu is epic, but Tartarus is the variable one – but it drops higher base than Lamashtu (7 vs 6) whereas the rarity difference for Tankbot (Epic) vs Infernal (Rare) is 4 vs 3.

Tankbot 2000 vs Infernal Machine – Tankbot is higher rarity, so it has a higher base number of infernal gears, but infernal machine drops a variable number of infernal gears.

Tartarus vs Lamashtu – Tartarus is higher rarity, so it has a higher base number of infernal gears, but it also drops a variable number of gears, so presumably it could drop less than Lamashtu.

The bottom line in world events is to try and prevent multiple power orb winners on the leaderboards. Last week the scoring was simpler and so the plan failed, at least on Xbox1. If players persist in cohabiting top spot then random scoring is all we can expect in future world events. The devs could have easily created code to distinguish between those in a P1 tiebreak using something as simple as total troops lost during the event. Instead they have implemented the RNG scoring regimen and this is rather unpopular. But to be honest I think only one power orb should be awarded per event anyway. This is how the devs have endeavoured to ensure this. How else can they tempt revenue from players with power and other orb flash offers.

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Should note that, like last weeks event, this week’s weapon is Epic and is offered as a t4 buy-in. Epic weapons first runs can be crafted in soulforge for 200 jewels, 50 diamonds, celestials and souls. The converted cost of forging the weapon (considering the “cost” to obtain the time-gated resources to craft it on a non-sunday gem pack, which is not a compulsory buy for many players and can be looked at as extra) is only about 100 gems. T3 > T4 alone is 250 gems. If you don’t need T4 for the event tier and/or aren’t pushing all the way to the end, T4 is not a cost efficient way to get this weapon, even if you would have already bought t3 just to play the event. That being said, this week has an event troop that people will likely be wanting to max to push kingdom power, so thats another value metric, although I think this is a lot better use of spare blue orbs than spending them on bounty troops (saves 850 gems, 750 if you count spending an extra 100 to recoup weapon forging costs, over a potential 300 by orbing a bounty troop twice).

Recommend: t0 if you don’t care about the troop yet, t2 if you just want the troop, t3 + orb if you want it maxed, t4+ only if you go heavy on events… forge the weapon if you don’t get t4+

So yeah, thats exactly it. It seems like a lot more effort is being put into making the scoring obtuse so that it takes a few more steps to make a mathematical formula that can describe it, but theres still always a “best” scoring choice for any specific moment and everything this far is just a binary win/loss on scoring. The key words here are interesting choices. Devising a formula to spit out which battle mathematically gives me the most points for my sigil and then cobbling together one of the usually very very few viable teams given the hyper-restricted nature of these events are not interesting choices. Choosing which team to play from a variety of options and optimizing how to play it are. Without that, you can try to optimize for speed during the early rounds, but I’ve always found myself end up “going through the motions” for at least 30 or so battles without any sort of improvement if I ever progress an event far enough that I stop one-shotting. And thats a shame, because there is potential here that can be built on what came before, just, personally, I find the current iteration of World Events the worst parts of all that has come before instead of the best ones.


In the next weekly event, scoring will be as follows:

Every 4 fights, sometimes every 5, you will get a score modifier of 1.18, unless you have an even number of sigils in which case it’ll be 1.25; unless you have a blue troop in the 3rd slot. In other fights, scoring will have a modifier of 1.33 unless you have a red troop in the 2nd slot and an even number of sigils. If you use a purple troop, the above is reversed.


On the positive side, with only two battles to choose from, they don’t bounce around.

The Orc battles didn’t bounce either. Hopefully that trend continues. Devs, my eyes thank you.

I don’t bounce. Even when falling from great heights, I merely go splat, and then begin searching for a respawn point. And I never flee from the Alliance. Even at 1v4, the odds are in my favor.