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Last Guild Wars + Compensation

Thanks for the clarification, cheers!
and fingers crossed for next week’s fix to be working

Devs you need to step up your game. Keylime is back.

@Nimhain @Kafka @OminousGMan

You are correct, but in our case as we make 1 million+ score and the guild that comes 2nd in the bracket scores 400k it really makes no difference. That is what I tried to say, I want our guild to see a bracket where there will be competition and for that we need every possible gw…


You will all be playing gws, then come back on here and complain, then wait for your handful of dirt as compensation, then you will repeat the cycle. All of you who partake are why they do it, congratulate yourselves.

Good lord, talk about a scam of a game. Crypto-gaming, NFT trading. This is ridiculous and I wouldn’t get near it with a 100 ft pole. By downloading it you’re probably agreeing somewhere in the terms to load cryptomining software onto your machine that runs in the background. Hard pass on this, and please don’t give the devs horrible ideas to implement into GoW like NFTs or crypto.


You are insane to think they’d even consider anything like that.

Heck, that is an insane idea, and I don’t mean that positively.
You are basically suggesting they hand out for free basically $50+ worth due to a bug to every single player.

Never going to happen.


Another one in the Reasons We Don’t Listen To The Community Bucket :man_facepalming:


Guild wars Sentinels (V):

Red = 600 Glory, 85 Gems
Green = 30k Gold, 85 Gems
Blue = 30k Gold, 85 Gems
Yellow = 2k Souls, 85 Gems

Total cost: 600 Glory, 60k Gold, 2k Souls and 340 Gems.

Compensation is 200 Gems? why? what is the bases for this?
Compensation should be returning all costs + the real compensation for these bugs that would be fair.


Keep in mind this was sent to every single player, whether they bought any sentinels or not. As the GW wasn’t a TOTAL flop (all attack scores still counted), sentinels DID contribute and thus don’t need to be completely refunded.

I know many of the super active people here are in B1-2 and/or love GW, but I don’t imagine the majority of players buy all tiers of Sentinels, seeing as many guilds are fighting guilds that have been inactive for ages. I’m in B8 (last I checked) and I don’t buy all the tiers :man_shrugging: For most guilds, GW is just another event, and buying all tiers isn’t needed.

The compensation was 400% of what I expected and I am personally pleased that the devs have not only acknowledged, fixed, and compensated the bug, but went above my (albeit low-bar) expectations. I have been a long-time proponent of the fact that the devs need to get their butts in gear, but I also think we need to appreciate when they take steps in the right direction, even if those steps are smaller than some of us would have liked.


I know that not all players bought Tier V. I know also it was sent to all players but by doing this you are penalising your hard core player. You are costing the players that spent their resources and got frustrated of guild Wars defensive score bug.
That’s unfair in my opinion.
Yes I agree for players that didn’t spent anything and players that didn’t participate in guild war is really nice of getting free 200 gems.
Any way happy guild Wars is back and hopefully we don’t have to re live the night mare again.

Only better solution I can think of is compensation tiers, giving more gems to higher bracket players, but I imagine that would be considerably more work and not really worth the time. I genuinely appreciate the compensation they chose. At very least, it’s a step in the right direction :smile:


I heard NFT and immediately stopped caring

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Good luck getting a reply…
Hard to admit when they mess up soooo bad that they can’t fix in the right time.

Would much rather have 200 Cursed Runes than 200 gems.


Was compensation already given for this? Was it really 200 gems or is that what the guess is? I haven’t received anything in game

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Seems like no one on Xbox was compensated.

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Well xbox was definitely affected by this, and I haven’t received anything.

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Le problème c’est que plusieurs des points perdus aléatoirement dans la guilde et remettre les anciens résultat serait un résultt erroné Je pense que pour être juste avec tout le monde faudrait enlever complètement les points de défense a tout le monde ce serait seulement les points de combats qui compterait je crois que ce serait une solution juste pour tout le monde.

Nothing given yet on my Xbox account!!! We are now in BrK 2 thanks to your bug.