Lady Ironbeard glory pack only comes with one arcane?

Normally, the 400 glory cost packs give 2 arcane traitstones along with the card, keys, and so on. Lady Ironbeard’s pack is giving only 1. Is this a bug? I didn’t notice there was only one arcane until I’d already quickly bought several packs, assuming there would be two.

Looks to be a known issue, and according to @Nimhain in gchat, will be fixed shortly. Anyone who purchased a pack and received only one Arcane Traitstone should contact Support for reimbursement.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will submit a support ticket.

Thank you Lyya - I found this out today - even though I bought my packs last night… I went to do her second trait after finally getting my 8 runic waters to do her first trait.
Anyway filed ticket