Bearded Lady And Troop Changes

Yes, @Nimhain has acknowledged the issue in gchat.


@sirrian is a she? That’s news :slight_smile:

Ninja-edited. Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, balance changes are great steps in the right direction, especially EK, though cost could go up even further really.

@Shimrra is right that Krystenax needs toning down, it’s basic maths better than anything similar.

Famine I think is largely okay, could see a slight increase to mana cost. Agree the other Apocalypse Horsemen really need buffing.


Lady Ironbeard pack gave me only 1 traitstone in 1 out of 3 purchases!!! First 2 was 2x Shield, but next one gave me only 1. I thought I was seeing things because I totally saw it gave 2x initially. I know it was advertising falsely, but I feel ripped off! I think I spent glory on 6 packs thinking I could get the 11 I need but had to spend on 8.

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Come on guys…

Arcanes fixed by now by the way.

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I was expecting some info about the upcoming Guild Wars, which will be released in 2-2,5 weeks. Didn’t someone said there would be news on Monday?

we should have been killing peasants and raiding cities to “hunt her treasure” xD
isnt that how dragons normally gather it?

but yeah its only fair to give ppl reason to burn those extra maps they just got last week :sweat_smile:

that new troop balancing makes me want to try some looping venoxxia silent one defense :laughing: it would probably be weak in most times but otherwise evil, somebody stop me :sweat_smile:


lady ironbeard looks too good for her husband (he doesnt even have eye pupils i cant imagine them together with this graphic style difference :sob: )

Hey, sometimes you find a partner who’s just completely out of your league. Ask me how I know!


i guess it just shows us who is The Dwarf of Ironbeard family :laughing:

This would probably only work if any extra stats gained within a round get removed at the start of the next round. Otherwise a Brian team could just max out all stats in the very first round and proceed to victory.

I’d also like to see a multi-round mode that requires you to use a larger variety of troops. Like having to replace one (or several) of your troops each round, no recurring troops allowed at all. Might also require a limitation in regards to how long a troop is allowed to stay, to prevent Filler 1/Filler 2/Bone Dragon/Courage cycles.


Do you have to run 4 dorfs for the 500 gold?

Yep, but I don’t know what are dorfs. I assume that you mean dwarfs

He was one of Snow White’s people. Part of the 7 dorfs.
Dorf Hussleberry was his name.

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Yes. “Dorf” is an old gaming term for “dwarf”. Thank you for the info.

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I have to second this. I’m mildly annoyed that people are trying to get Krystenax nerfed while there are so many other more glaring examples of troops that need reworking.


@Sirrian @Nimhain changes are insufficient.

Need nerfs, not love taps.


also, while i agree that balance definatelly has a value, i prefer to think that “fun” has a higher value for a game then the “balance” itself. so while we try to reach balance lets not stomp all over the fun and burry it along the way.

if there are troops that overall decrease the fun level - those should be “balanced out” first, not the ones who have a little higher power (that you might call “overpowered” or not) but that dont destroy any fun at all and even bring more fun to the game…


Krystenax isn’t a “fun killer” on the same level of EK, Mab, Crimson Cheeseburger and Welfare Dwagon.