Lack of respect to the players over ingots

They could also just send the ingots for all tiers to everyone. So the people who did PvP later get them twice - big deal, it’s only one week. And that should stop the whining from the early birds. In theory.

That’s going to make the whining even worse. Then the “slow” people get 2 mythic ingots. The people who are upset want equality or better.


Nothing stops the whining. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: They are usually in the damned if you do, damned if you don’t position.


As what was said before, the issue is this was poor planning on the devs part, no warning was given, and the fix is easy but they chose to give the finger instead. They coukd treat it like missing rewards, but they don’t want to as whenever they give us a high five, we have to get slapped in the face too as of late. An oversight is one thing, not fixing it is the slap.

Also, while there have been many threads about whining claims back and forth, calling those you disagree with babies is quite childish itself and try to see it from someone else’s view. I’ve disagreed with others, but never called them childish over wanting something they earned but were denied. It’s not entitlement if you literally earned it but didn’t receive it because of a lack of foresight.


That’s the catch, though. You did not earn it if you got Tier 1 before the patch. It was not listed as a reward you would earn. You had no expectation of getting it. You did get exactly what you were told you were going to get.

Again, you literally didn’t. You’re asking for something that you didn’t earn (because it didn’t exist) to be retroactively gifted to you. I get that you could have earned The Thing if you had waited and played on a different day, and that’s a silly problem to have, sure. None of that invalidates what I’m trying to say here.

This whole thread has become a Louie sketch:


I have given up on trying to tell these devs anything. I too have been treated rudely by Kafka. They don’t care about the players the game or any suggestions you have. Play the game stop spending money and the hell with it


It’s not the “being upset” part that makes one a child. It’s how one chooses to express it.

The devs promised the Tier rewards that were posted Monday. It is uncommon that the promise changes mid-week, but it did. Technically, they don’t owe players anything as reparations for this.

For them to fix this, someone’s going to have to write a script that can somehow comb the game data and reasonably guess who reached Tier I before the update came out. It’s possible the logs aren’t that detailed. Either way, somebody has to do extra work to do this. So saying “please” and “thank you”, no matter how upset you are, is going to go a long way.

I would like for the devs to see this thread and do something about it. I do think Kafka made a hasty response. I also know that unless I see screenshots, people tend to embellish how politely they made their request. Historically speaking, the devs have made things like this right after a few days.

I think the angrier people get, and the more tantrumy we get, and the more we insult the devs, the more likely they’re going to shrug and hope some of the “I’m tired of this game” threats aren’t empty. No one who ever says that actually quits. I know it, you know it, the devs know it.

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Unfortunately I won’t spend money for this update (half way to vip 13).

I’m running on a strict timeline. In this particular scenario I’ve decided that the best solution for me is to leave things as they are and wait for a new update at dawn :next_track_button::clock530:

with no intention of slighting veteran devs

btw Twigant is everywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

For me just a simple “sorry - we know we screwed up with this one” would be enough. The response of: “there is no issue here since we will be giving some ingots anyways” is what felt like middle finger.


As it has already been mentioned, the main issue is not those missing ingots per se (as it doesn’t really make much difference in the long run), rather failure by people in charge do admit there was a problem in the first place.
Unless there was an in-game message (dated June 17 at the latest) informing every player that 3.5 version would land on Wednesday and add revamped rewards for PvP tiers, one must assume that nobody was informed and nobody knew they would be missing updated rewards if completing PvP tiers as usual. Firstly, only a minority of players are active in forums, and, secondly, even visiting forums doesn’t mean a thing. For example, the first time I hear that the update would be coming this week was Tuesday evening (EET) and I never knew it included new currency in PvP tier rewards until reading this thread.
This case bears some similarities with that time when, if I’m not mistaken, Pharos-Ra was missing from the event chests. As it should never be player’s obligation to check every possible outside source to find out if what’s supposed to be in the chests is actually there before opening them, it should also never be player’s duty to dig through every possible source to find out whether he/she should postpone their gamely activities just in case something significant changes mid-week. It is up to developers/publishers to make this kind of changes fair to everybody and it is also up the them to rectify things if something went wrong.


I still have not gotten mine

Couldn’t agree more, man. As I said in my comment: it’s not about the rewards so much As the principal of it all. It was handled poorly from the start and that’s the issue I have with it.


But but but muh entitlement, man! I’m atop my high horse with my mouth firmly glued to the devs’ collective nether regions, and I need to bloviate in this thread about how much more in control of my emotions I am! I think caring less about things is cool! I adopted my online personality from an anon imageboard archetype! Also you didn’t say “please” and therefore I am more rational than you, QED.

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The devs fear the commitment of promising that version 3.x will be released at day Y. At this point after so many similar issues i wonder if it would be better to simply gives us a schedule, even if they fail to deliver at the planned date and apologize for it, instead of simply say nothing, letting the players deal with whatever was badly planned/implemented and get frustrated anyway with the silent treatment which seems like indifference…

I see pvp rank 1 now reward 100 gems.
I finished 1st 10x before update
I want my 1000 gems now!

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Just buy 10 of them for 12,000,000 USD when the class event starts, duuuh.

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You have got to be kidding me. All this fuss over one week’s rewards? Give me a break. For the record, I finished Tier 1 early and didn’t get the new ingot rewards. So freaking what? I can’t believe people are making this much stink over one stupid mythic ingot. It’s not fair? Life is not fair. Grow up and stop complaining that your brother has more Cheerios than you.


Thank you. Reading through some of these comments i’m honestly appalled at how entitled people are

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Hi everyone!

My article has already been linked so I don’t have much to say, but the game team are hoping to do a global compensation mail with some Ingots sometime soon. :slight_smile: