Lack of respect to the players over ingots

Old and busted: “We’re taking away ways to get gems in-game because muh gem value.”

New hotness:

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Devs clearly don’t give a damn they’ve already screwed over so many with this update


Ok, so I guess I’ll have to add these forums to the list where everyone’s head explodes if you don’t put a “poke out tongue” at the end of every sentence. Noted. :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming what’s there is still good, I wouldn’t mind so much. Honestly, if they would have stopped adding new modes and all that before the New UI and just added new kingdoms and troops, I would have been pretty happy with that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Just because you can point out worse scenarios doesn’t make ours “good”, by default.

Not all content is created equal. Just because it’s new doesn’t automatically make it “good” or “better” than what was previously there.

Alive? Sure. Well? Debatable.

By the way, man, not trying to personally attack you or anything, just merely replying to what you said and how it was worded.

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If it helps, I knew you were kidding around :stuck_out_tongue:

They say: if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. And, honestly, where this game is heading, I might end up doing the latter. Glad you’re still at the former. Haha.

This is annoying and I feel like I would have waited if I was paying attention (being in the beta and all lol). But at the same time… come on, we all know this is a drop in the bucket.

Besides, what the hell are you gonna use that Mythic ingot on? Dawnbringer upgrades are gonna be quite useless past a certain point.

Its gonna be tough enough to find a specific team with a specific hero class that works out right now, there’s only going to be so many weapons we want to use ever, and it still looks like Mang and Dawnbringer (and some of the new event ones that spawn a million gems) are the only ones anyway. Everything else is adapting to a class and hanging on for dear life while its useless.

I still feel like the bigger source of “disrespect” is making the upgrades so random and by-and-large useless. We occasionally get something cool like “Create a Leafstorm” and everything else is either stats or meddling with the board (the latter of which we can all agree should burn). Given that that is all we’ve got coming, I don’t really mind missing one week all that much, you?


I play those all the time. Tetris. Super Mario 3. The Legend of Zelda. Earthbound. Final Fantasy VI. These are games that COULDN’T get updates, so they were made to be good out of the box. In return, I paid a lot of money for them. And they never changed.

This is a good thing. I miss when games were like this. What we get now is very confusing. Minecraft is a good example.

I played it before we even called it “alpha”. It wasn’t anything like it is today. Everyone knew Notch had a plan for it, and would add more stuff, so we made do with what we had. Each new update made it a little cooler. Eventually, some of us got “what we wanted” and felt like it was perfect. But Notch kept going. It didn’t match his vision yet.

The new features kept increasing the game’s complexity. I didn’t mind when it was “a little more than I wanted”, but each update made “little” less appropriate. So eventually, I stopped playing. I can’t really get to “the Minecraft I liked” easily. It’s something different now. Welcome to modern game development.

Puzzle Quest and Puzzle Quest 2 are still what they originally were. People who liked them can still play them and get what they want. This will not be so with Gems of War. If you liked GoW six months ago, it’s now dramatically different. If you liked it last year, it’s almost unrecognizable.

We blame the devs for chasing trends, but for all we know this was part of their initial vision. GoW released in the smallest form they thought could make money. We’re still waiting for them to “finish” it. That means it’s going to keep changing. To some people that’s good, it will always feel fresh. To others, it’s not so good, it means the game will eventually not be the one they love.


I thought there was supposed to be a “Welcome to 3.5” mail coming out with ingots for everyone? Or are there platforms that still don’t have the update?

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There is a world of difference between a computer game and an ONLINE game. READ THE POINT!

Respect…? Devs respect only the money they can pick out of ur pockets…

So, u can forget it…

This is the idea to keep in focus.

Also, Slypenslyde, seriously…Super Mario Brothers…is that even a real game. I have not heard of it. You are making games up.

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It is annoying that you’re penalised for doing PvP early but then I’m not surprised this has happened. I can’t complain seeing as I’ve never spend anything on the game. Roll on Monday I guess.


Let me just say it’s not fair that some got rewarded and others that completed it did not and leave it at that.

So, they basically penalized people for actually playing the game. Wow. That takes some big ones. Bravo.

** slow clap **


It’s just one week, not too big a deal, i missed out too it’s ok. In a couple of weeks it will literally not matter anymore.


Reading this whole thread is confusing & the point seem to be lost.

Surely the point is: Why do the peeps doing PvP tier 1 on Tuesday get a mythic ingot & those on Monday do not?

Its not as if this is a regular drop from 100+ battles today I got 1 epic , 0 legendaries & 0 mythics.

Why penalize part of your player base for actually playing?


Once again for the people in the back: no one has been “penalized” for anything. You got exactly the rewards you expected to get on Monday.

You will need to collect a billion ingots. You will never, ever remember this one ingot. You are being ridiculous.


Absolutely, we got exactly what we expected to get on Monday. We also expected everyone to get the same thing.

Honestly, if I got those two Legendary Ingots for Rank 2 & 3, they’d be instantly put to use. Does that matter in the long run when it’s all maxed out? No, of course not; but right now at this very moment, in the short run, I do not have what other people since Tuesday have already.

I can accept this. However I don’t accept being told there’s no difference in what people got.


It’s much like what @Meteorite said. They got what they expected on Monday, but they also expected everyone to get the same thing. Like, every other week. It’s about consistency and about fairness.

Now, technically, you are right, they didn’t get “penalized” because they got the reward on Monday, as it was. But, that argument only makes sense on its face. The devs knew when this update got pushed, that those who didn’t play the game would get more rewards. They favored those who didn’t play the game. That just isn’t right to me.

What they should have done is this: either had the update come out on Monday/around reset, so everyone got a fair shake at the new rewards, given rewards to the people that already put in the work when the update dropped, or waited to put the new rewards in next week so everyone got a fair chance at them.

Hell, at the the very least they should have told us about this before the new week, on here or in game. A little heads up, of: “Hey, guys. We’re putting new rewards in the PvP tiers this week, but they won’t be available until the update drops, so you might want to hold off until then.” That should have been the bare minimum of what to do about this problem. Instead, they decided to bury their heads in the sand, shrug their shoulders and go: “Well, you missed out. Deal with it.”

They, basically, screwed over players for having the nerve, the gall, to play the game they enjoy playing when they want to play it. That is just mind boggling to me. In my opinion, I don’t care if it’s just one week or not, it’s the principal of it all. And, agree with this whole thing or not, you can’t tell me, essentially giving the middle finger to your players, is a good business move.

I’ve said this before about Gems, and I’ll say it again: I have never seen a game so good at bad PR that didn’t have EA or Ubisoft as a publisher. And, every time I think they couldn’t stoop any lower, they continue to surprise me.

Edit: For fairness sake, I should mention that I don’t really have a “dog” in this “fight”. I haven’t done the tiers yet and I could log on right now, do them, and get the rewards, no problem. This problem doesn’t affect me directly. But, I’m commenting on this, because I feel it’s not right and it is unfair.

Just because it’s not my problem, doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for those affected by things like this. Not every issue I bring up on this forum affects me, personally, in game. Sometimes, I just bring these things up, because I feel something should be said and done about them.


We knew an update was coming and that it included a new currency. We got early warning that ingots would be in chests due to haphazard updates. I was ridiculed for reminding people they should probably save their gem keys until post-update because future gem keys would yield ingots but present gem keys would not. We could have held back on any kind of irreversible progress like PvP ranking, but we didn’t. Honestly, I feel like 2-3 days of hardcore PvP progress yields more important rewards than the ingots it “cost”.

That said, it would be nice and would’ve harbored some goodwill if PvP tier rewards for the week had remained the same. My understanding is ingots are going to be in Raid/Invasion shops somehow, but the week’s Invasion wasn’t updated to include them. Protip @Saltypatra and @Cyrup: if rewards for a thing are going to change in an update, take note of how violently manbabies react if they don’t know it’s going to happen. It might’ve been wise to withhold the PvP tier change so everyone got a nice surprise next week. (At the cost of louder crying that PvP doesn’t drop sufficient ingots to max everything week of release.)

We’re going to play Goofus and Gallant. Goofus is everything above this. Gallant is everything below. If any of you feel half as deeply about this game as your posts suggest, it would be much better for your life if you delete it and never look back than continue to feed this unhealthy relationship with a video game.

-------->8 CUT THREAD HERE ----- ABOVE THIS BE CRYING >8---------

Being abusive and yelling isn’t the way to get what you want. I’m gonna mention @Cyrup and @Saltypatra again because I’m sort of hoping they follow the instructions above and instead consider this the first post:

We’re not sure where Ingots appear in the game, but we’re pretty sure they’ll be in raid/invasion/bounty shops and rewards. They weren’t added to this week’s invasion, but that might’ve been complex so we’re not convinced that’s a sign they won’t be in those rewards. However, there is one “missable” reward where ingots were inserted, and this seems a little unfair.

PvP has tier rewards for reaching accessible levels of points far below the leaderboard levels. Since some of these rewards are part of the daily login bonus, a player can technically lose rewards if Tier 1 is not reached on Monday. So competitive players are very much encouraged to reach Tier 1 ASAP to get the highest possible rewards.

The 3.5 update inserted ingots into the PvP tier rewards on a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, depending on a player’s position on our space rock. That means a player who already reached a tier got a lesser reward for that tier. This is particularly frustrating because competitive players who care the most about receiving those rewards are the ones who “missed out”.

It’d be really nice if the players who already ascended to Tier I received their ingots retroactively. It doesn’t have to be prompt, but it’d be nice to hear it’s going to happen once you work out the relevant code to figure out who did do it.

It’d be even nicer if the players who didn’t scream and throw their toys around the room received a Falabella, because who doesn’t want a pony?