Lack of respect to the players over ingots

Like many of you, I completed tier 1 on Monday. The game encourages us to do so. The update added a new currency, and it is now part of the tier reward system. Any player completing the tiers after the update will receive those ingots, including a mythic one.
I submitted a ticket, feeling sure that the game would treat me and others in the right way. That they would award us the ingots, showing respect to the players that pay their salaries.
I saw KAFKA in global, and spoke to her about it. Her response was, quite frankly, rude. “Wanda, you can’t miss what was never yours.” Later, a statement was released that effectively says " Screw you."
I know not everyone likes me in game. I also know I have helped tons of players find good guilds. I have answered endless questions from new players. I believe I have helped the community. I know I have spent money on the game. i have supported this game and I have promoted it.
I think we deserve to get a little respect, and until then “screw you .Devs.”


And I’m a long time buyer of the worthless weekly weapon pack to support game, now they have ingots.


I, like Wanda, blasted through pvp tiers on Monday and agree wholeheartedly that it is unfair to penalize players who actually play. I know that Kafka said everyone would get welcome to 3.5 mail including ingots, but for the people who support the game and bust ass, how does that help us? We’re going to all get the same rewards, play or not?
No one here is asking for special favors, but what we do want are equal rewards. Devs—please reconsider this decision, as it affects many of your top players who have supported your game both by playing and with actual cash.


I love to start an update being behind on ingots because I’m being penalised for actively playing the game and achieving the highest PvP tier early on in the week!

…said no one, ever. This is probably the one black mark on 3.5. You can do so much better than this, devs.


I’ve yet to hit rank 1 in PVP but it seems awful to penalize folks who busted butt to get to Tier 1 on Monday. Entire GUILDS can be screwed over this way not just individual players. At a guess large portions of the top guilds are getting burned by this. So why do it?

This is so not right.


@Rickygervais @Fleg

In case you guys didn’t notice yet…

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“Penalize”? Holy shit, the entitlement complex around here is getting ridiculous! They could have released the patch at 11:59PM on Sunday night and someone would complain that “losing out” on PVP tier ingots for that 1 minute was a “SLAP IN THE FACE”.

You did your PVP tiers on Monday, and got all the rewards that were available for your PVP tiers. You lost nothing. This coming Monday, you’ll do your PVP tiers again, and you’ll get all the rewards available then. You’ll lose nothing.

It’s a reward that yot’ll get every week, over and over, forever. Get over yourself.


Everytime a patch is released it is mid week. We should have know better. It is our own faults that we played the game like we have been and should have waited instead. Oh well. Too late now. another quality release by the devs.

How about releasing the patch at the beginning of the week next time? At least this wasn’t a guild wars week.

edit. I do say though it is a pretty excellent update and there is a ton of new content to dig through. all in all I like it. It’s ok to miss a few goodies for a week.


I’m only mildly disheartened by this, but had I known about the change to PvP rewards, I would’ve waited.


Entitled?? Pffft…that’s ridiculous. I wouldn’t have bothered with pvp if we had at least been given a kind of heads up. You want to call it entitled, I call it bullshit. So whatevs…agree to disagree.


:crossed_fingers:for maybe a compensation to all players above tier one. @Cyrup . Is this plausible?


It’s funny how invasions are supposed to have ingots in the store and rewards but this week does not, presumably because the update was done after the event started. So the fact that pvp was not handled the same way seems to me like an oversight that the devs are refusing to admit or correct… poor ethics IMO…


I’m surprised the devs are willing to die on this hill. It’s such a easy fix and it’s not game breaking to do it.

It’s not entitlement at all, imo.
It’s whats right for your player base.

I’m still rank 13 or 12. So, I didn’t miss out at all. If I had though, I would be extremely disappointed in this descision.

I expect people to get the ingots in the inbox this week though.

This isn’t a new UI rage issue. This is easily fixable. Come on, do what’s right.


For those already above tier 1, yes you missed out on a mythic ingot but you have the advantage now of placing high on the leaderboards.

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I’m #40,455 currently. Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even call that being on the leaderboard. :slight_smile:


I earned my place on the leader board. I don’t understand what you are saying. Every player has equal opportunity to do the same thing. What every player doesn’t have in the correct rewards for achieving tier one this week.


I finished mine Monday, the same as most end game players. Im slightly bothered that I missed out on the rewards.


I am enjoying the update, working out new things, farming new things, and in general enjoying it all.

I was surprised that the talent trees were effected by previous fights. That was unexpected. That change alone, since we had been told it wouldnt, was enough to make me fine with missing out on rewards. I will get the rewards again. But saving me thousands of fights for classes, well worth it.


Worst. Take. Ever.


I really don’t understand why they didn’t just delay switching to the improved rewards table till next Monday, so that everybody is treated the same. It’s not like the outrage wasn’t perfectly foreseeable. Maybe it’s an internal competition about who can roll out the most broken update while still keeping a straight face, that would at least explain the “0 weeks since the last fatal accident” counter we’ve been seeing for a year now.

I’m actually not too bothered about this one. I’ll miss out on a week of the new toys, there will be more of the same the next weeks. Thanks for at least partially communicating in advance the changes important to players for 3.5, that’s already a huge improvement over past patches.

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People, cool down!

This game has had constant updates this year.

New EVENTS, New content, pets, new troops, etc.
How would you like to play an online game instead that has had no new content in months or years? Or worse, a game that has been abandoned? Or a game with so many bugs that you can’t play the game? Or how would you like to PAY for updates and get little to nothing? Or be forced to pay for everything new for the game? (Some online games are so full of microtransations that they belie the free to play model.)

The devs are adding new content ALL THE TIME. Be thankful for this. This game is alive and well.

As far as the rewards are concerned, you got all the rewards you were entitled to at the time you earned them. Are you willing to give back rewards that are no longer on the tier table to get ingots as well? Or have you noticed some items were removed to make room for ingots.