[Known issue/Reported] Hard Taskmaster - PS4 trophy requirement was not updated and it is now impossible to get

PlayStation 4

I expected the trophy requirement to be updated to 30 campaign tasks since reaching 100 campaign tasks became impossible after a patch capped the campaign tasks to 30. According to the Discord, this was fixed on other platforms but was missed on the PlayStation system.

The last person who was able to get the trophy was on April 9, 2023.


This was not fixed on Steam either.
Probably not on Android as well.
Thank you for the report.


Good spot. As Ant_Man said, it is an issue on other platforms too.

This screenshot is from Steam/PC.


What I don’t get is why the progress bar? I’ve maxed every Campaign from the very start, back in 2020. That’s 10? 11? of the 100-point campaigns. The progress bar suggests we’d have to complete 50-60 campaigns – 500 weeks? 10 years? Yikes!