[KNOWN ISSUE] Nexus troop spawn gem trait can soft lock next cast when there’s a match

Platform, device version and operating system:
iPad iOS, Steam

Screenshot or image:
Can’t upload video, sorry. Screenshot:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When it was my turn, the Hawthorn’s “Born of Nature” trait made a match on the board. While this happened, I was already spamming the “Cast” button of Sycorax. When Sycorax’s cast activated, I could not select a gem. Also, the matched gems left a gap on the board. I was forced to shut down the game.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens in any game mode as far as I know. It’s fairly easy to reproduce when you have three Nexus troops on your team that spawn each one gem of the same color at the start of the turn. Make sure to spam the cast button of Sycorax while the CPU plays. I’m confident that this bug will reproduce with any “Select a gem” style cast.

Steps to make it happen again
Start a game of explore. Use [6895,7089,7089,7102,3039,1,2,2,2,2,3,2,14032] as the team. Fill Sycorax and spam its cast button while the CPU is playing. You need to repeat the steps until your Nexus troops make a match at the start of the turn. At that point, the game will be soft locked.


Hey @MarioDaems thank you for the detailed bug report, the team started investigating this at the start of business this morning. I’ll make a known issue article with more details.

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Here’s the Known Issue article I’ve created for this bug:

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It is a shame that the same bug appeared again in a similar trait like wyrmrun troops have, and that supposed to be fixed by now.


Imagine that

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Well this is a guild wars week, so only right to release a troop that can crash matches and be exploited.

Troop traits can be changed with a server patch. So what’s taking so long to change it’s traits? Felt like when other troops were released that caused a similar issue the traits were changed within 24 hours.


The Wyrmrun traits were changed in just a few hours; I was wondering the same

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Oof, just got hit with this bug by the first combat in the new Elemental Class event. And it had a Raven too. :sob:

I predict a lot of lost sigils this weekend.

:grimacing: I should have paid closer attention to this bug report when I first read it. I just froze a battle by casting a spell too early during the class event. At least it’s avoidable I guess.

So this happened during the class event. Will we be reimbursed for this glitch like the guild wars glitch?

Whenever your developers get back on Monday ofc (Guess we only have 4 day work weeks in The Outback)