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[Known Issue] Gold medal art not showing on troop in faction event

Xbox version.

I made Gargoyle gold elite level for the faction event today. It shows the gold border on the troop for the first battle, but then disappears for all the following battles. It has done it on every floor so far.

First battle

Second battle

Known issue affecting all delves:

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ah ok. I scanned the front page and didn’t see it mentioned, so thought I’d report it. I posted some screen shots too. I’m on the xbox version.

@Kafka this is now the second person at least (myself the first) who has wasted time doing a report on an already known issue despite checking the list prior to posting.

Please change the wording to
“Medaled troops are not gaining the stat bonuses after the first match in a delve. Visually, the color change is also not working.”
“Medaled troops are not working in Delves after the initial match.”