[Known Issue] Enhanced troops (Medals) not working in Delves

Epic troops are not displaying their graphics properly after the first room as well as their stats in today’s delve event. I’m using an android os 9 on a galaxy tablet S6

This first shot is of the first room of the event

This is the second room and beyond. Note bogstriders and ketra stats and the graphics are not displayed properly or used in game.


What do you mean the graphics aren’t displaying? I can see the Bogstrider and its stats right there…

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Think not so much the big green swamp thing… but moreso the embellishment around the mana counter.

After the first room the graphics and stats dropped as the pic shows!!

It happened thoughout the entire event. After the initial room the graphics and stats dropped. I’m surprised nobody noticed this at all

No the stats dropped significantly from 130 defense and 148 life to 116 defense and 140 life.

It doesn’t happen on the normal everyday delving just this event.

I was just helping @IgniteIce see more clearly :slight_smile:

I would update your line under the second picture to state “Note bogstriders Elite level stats and the graphics are not displayed”, just for clarity.

Also, we can see that Ketras is affected in the same way.

Got it. Thanks for your input redmist!!

The pictures are from 2 different delve runs; the 1st pic was taken after the 2nd. Notice the spiders stats are lower than the rats while its supposed to be the opposite (the 1st room stats are always the lowest in the same delve run). And you have different hero classes (1st pic is titan, 2nd is shaman)

The minor stat difference between the 2 screenshots can be the result of different hero classes and traits gained after each room. The only thing i find weird is that your bogstrider doesnt have medal in the 2nd pic. Perhaps you medaled it after taking the 2nd pic? Do you have more screenshots from the same delve run to better demonstrate the issue?

That’s correct in terms of your view of the pics however the information and the pics are of valid purposes for the bug report, the medals were done and the pics were taken at the same time. I didn’t know at the time I captured the pics that I could show an image of the stats of the elite troops in room one at the time of the event so i went to a normal delve run and captured that screen.

Upon further playing the delve and AFTER I posted this bug I noticed that the first room actually had the first pic exactly as I had posted thus the reason why it’s a valid pic and a valid bug!

This is my only proof of the event for the pics for a timestamp

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Ok so the 1st pic was from a normal delve. Bogstrider and ketras had medals.
2nd pic was during yesterday event. Bogstrider and ketras lost their medals, and it only happened after the 1st room.

I really want to test it but have to wait until next event. Hopefully the devs can reproduce the bug and fix it soon

Not just lost their medals but their stats as well. I wouldn’t have even reported it if it was just a cosmetic thing but a stat thing is a whole other ball game. I thought by reporting it early during yesterday’s event somebody else would validate what I saw but nobody saw it. Cool. :+1:

Today; Dark Pits room 1

Today; Dark Pits room 2 (and following rooms had the same issue).

All elite medal bonuses are gone

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Well thanks for the validation @Dust_Angel. I guess I wasn’t seeing things!!

So they never fixed the problem yet!! Its still there when the reduced stats after room 1. I wanted to wait before I bought any potions as to see if that’s causing the problem but nope!!!

Platform, device version and operating system:
Mobile (bugged on iOS and Android)
Screenshot or image:
First match

Second match

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I expected the enhanced troops to keep the stats that they earned from medals to be kept during the whole run. Since medals are designed to make the whole Delve run easier. Not just the first match. But the medal stats disappear after the first match of the delve.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Due to Grave Seers back fire trait (bonus delve life) I had to recently medal Lady Morana so that she gets enchanted instead of Seer. That’s when a friend noticed that the medal enhancement is only applying to the first match. (100% Faction runs ruin the game for me so much that outside of New Factions. I now outsource my old 2500 attempts. I just can’t deal with the constant unbalanced failure rate that they exude.)
In the SS I tested her report myself with other enhanced troops. I can provide a video of it but I believe the SS are sufficient.

Steps to make it happen again
Medal (enhance) a troop and start a delve with it. See that the stat bonuses and image of the enhancements vanish after the first match.

It’s been reported before, but worded differently:

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It’s every battle after the first one.

So this…

… Is misleading.

I saw the title of the bug report but didn’t read it since it read like it only effected epic troops in Delves.