[KNOWN ISSUE] Gnome-a-palooza not replacing dooms

Playing on Xbox One. I started a level 1 explore in Dhrak-Zum with Gnome-a-palooza active. There were a few battles with 3 gnomes and a Doom of Stone. It appears that gnome-a-palooza is not properly replacing this troop (and possibly other dooms) with gnomes.

Next time I’m able to craft a gnome-a-palooza, I’ll test explore in other kingdoms with a doom troop.

I noticed this on Android.

I believe the reward for 1 gnome was also missing.

Same with Doom of Nature and Bright Forest on PC


This is a currently a Known Issue, in regards to Gnomes not replacing Doom Troops and we are working on a fix!

I have updated the Known Issues article to reflect this as well.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:


Why are doom troops considered heroes?

My apologies, I was meant to write Doom Troops. Responding to a few similar GAP issue.

I’ll edit that now!