[FIXED IN 5.7] Dooms showing up in GAP instead of gnomes

PC, Steam, Win 10 1909

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting 4 gnomes in the GAP and I got 3 gnomes and a brown doom. Guild member got 3 gnomes and a green doom. Gnomes don’t spawn dooms. Rewards were only for 3 gnomes.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It began happening Saturday 7/17/2021 and I have seen it 3 times, other guildmates have seen it also multiple times.

Steps to make it happen again
Play GAP and slow down to watch the gnomes populate.

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Has already been reported here:

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I’m pretty sure this is intended (although that could change since it messes with the new mode here.)

Anyway, Doom Troops are invulnerable. The never get transformed into a battle crasher. So the best strategy if you are using explore to farm gnomes, is to stick to kingdoms that do not have a doom troop.


This is a currently a Known Issue, in regards to Gnomes not replacing Doom Troops and we are working on a fix!

I have updated the Known Issues article to reflect this as well.

Jeto - Support Team Human :woman_mage:t2:


any news about this? when will it be fixed? no need of date, but before or after next vault weekend?
thanks for reply in advance.

vault weekend is coming and fix isn’t there.
when will it be fixed?

Is it really that hard to just go to a kingdom that doesn’t have dooms?

Wanted to say the same thing.
I farmed GAP in divinion fields.

Same issue it seems is in the pvp with the impervious troops. So its not just about avoiding kingdoms with dooms.

Why do pvp during GaP you might ask? For the pets, ofc.

You only do 1 or 2 pvp battles per GAP, then when a pet rescue is triggered switch to explore.

You are absolutely right. And that is how i do it.

But it still doesnt mean i should get less rewards. Nor should dooms steal rewards either from players. Ill be waiting for the bug to be fixed.

hoping that this is really fixed for next vault weekend, thanks in advance

will test this weekend

I don’t understand you. Do you like to suffer? Only 6 kingdoms have doom troop out of the 34, chose another kingdom.
Different story if someone is so evil that they set up a def team made out of dooms.

you didn’t get the point…again, but it’s okay.

i can confirm at least for GAP battles now:
i did a total of 497 GAP battles in dhrak-zum, bright forest and shentang: not a single doom troop!
as it is hard to confirm, if a gnome can replace a doom now in general (devs said so!) i did another total of 500 explore battles in dhrak-zum, bright forest and shentang: 56 gnomes, 19 dooms.
so, the gnome spawn rate looks pretty normal for me; devs seems to be right.