[Known Issue] Games Button Not Working

Platform, device version and operating system:
Both PC (Steam) and Mobile (Samsung Tablet).

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

When I click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen the PVP one and Guild one work but the one that says Games does not respond or open. Hence I cannot access today’s Class event or anything else on the Games board.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Started after reset on 20 October

Steps to make it happen again
Fix the Games button function


Ditto. Tried going in and out of program to no avail.

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same here, frustrating…

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You can access the class trial through the news section.


I want to access the dungeons!

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Yes cannot access Dungeons or Arena.

Dropping the links to other reports. May be best to keep it all in one thread if we can. I’ve pinged the full dev team that I’m in contact with to see if anyone is online after work


I want to get dragonite to make up for it. :wink:


Taking us back to “reset should happen when you get to work, not when you go home, dear devs”


Yeah absolutely, I do have some other contacts for them but like they aren’t in work so I don’t think it’s right for me to ping them on personal contact methods when they are just employees


Yes I think a bunch of people all posted at the same time after reset…at least my post had a picture :wink:

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You can access dungeon through adventurers path.

If you click through to it, then hero level, then look for the quest with dungeon (level 42), then “let’s go”


Soulforge can also be accessed like that, and all the other things as well

What ways around any other stuff can we give a work around for? I can post an announcement via discord and reddit

and ps4 same problem

Soulforge as well. Treasure hunt, vault - I guess everything that is in there will work.

Did test soulforge and dungeons but as long as it has the “let’s go” it would work.

Edit: treasure hunt and Arena do not work

Where is the Adventurer’s Path? I don’t think I have that???

Any way to get to the Arena?

I found the Class Trial through the Events on the right hand top, but no Adventurer’s Path. Wasn’t Adventurer’s Path something that is only for newer players if I remember correctly?

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You select your Avatar, there is an icon right to your Avatar in this section.
But I cannot choose anything through adventure path, because I’m locked out because nothing to do for me anymore.

Click on your hero avatar, then there’s the round button on it that takes you to the path. You definitely have that. It’s just more of a thing for beginners so we normally don’t use it.

Arena is on level 54

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You have to click on hero level, then on the specific level, then there’s a pop up with a “let’s go”.

I’m level 1,562, all done, but it still works for me.