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[Known Issue] Game freezes when finishing the Explore battles

I have the same problem, i have this problem for 4 months.


Fun fact this happens on xbox1 as well


Happens to me on android, not on steam.

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Reporting since this is still a thing happening to me.
Same as OP for me, except for platform: PC.

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Seems to have increased in frequency recently. I’ve had it happen 3x today with intermittent play. Xbox Series X.

-edit: Crashed twice more within 20 minutes after I posted this. Didn’t bother restarting the game after the second one.

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Explore 12 is pretty munch uplayable on Xbox 1, if you want to chase the 20% mythstone bonus.

Like others stated I can do with a crash or two, yesterday I had 4 in a row, just went to do something else

For the first time for me yesterday it also crashed without even battling the boss battle, and not combining tokens/rewards at the end.

This bug seems to be getting worse @Saltypatra
Any chance anyone has looked into this, let alone worked out a fix since this was reported about 6 months ago? I’m on iOS…


5 months ago…

Anyone need more proof they have abandoned the game other than to force bugged, broken, boring, and monetized content on us?


This has begun to happen more the past 3 days than ever before. It used to only happen after I collect the boss chest. Now it is happening after random fights. There is no ryhme or reason. Sometimes it’s the first run or it might be the tenth

It’s been a “known issue” as long as I have been playing.
Though recently the game has been freezing up a lot more in general on top of the end of explore crashes.

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Still happening every 2/3 rounds of explore I finish, these I just pick a kingdom and stick with it, switching kingdoms to chase the extra mythstones is pretty much impossible.

Playing on Xbox, but this seams to happen across all platforms

Chiming in that I’ve never had it happen on Android, be it chasing mythstones or grinding one kingdom.


O I didn’t know that, thanks for adding

Also on Android and have experienced freezes when combining medals at the end of explore runs for as long as I have played.

To balance this report, Android here and have had it happen. And anecdotally, more often since last weekend.

Also on Android and have experienced freezes when combining medals at the end of explore runs for as long as I have played.

Yes, same here; game hangs at the “tap to evolve medals” screen. I think this mostly (only?) happens when there are 3 medals to evolve.

Yeah I have seen it with 1 or 2 as well but it mostly happens with 3. Curiously it never happens when combining medal from guild tasks in mail.

When mentioning Android, please include your device and OS. (This really helps me!)

I’ve passed on to the team that this is encountered more when combining medals (not just in epxlore runs) in the hopes that it helps us narrow things down. Thank you.

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For mine above: Honor 8X, Android 10, occasional game hang at “tap to combine medals” screen at end of explore. Happens to me maybe once a week or so? just often enough to be like “oh, it did that thing again.”