[KNOWN ISSUE] Game crash when casting Hawthorn

Platform, device version and operating system:


I don’t have every detail, but I wanted to post the bug report so other people can decide whether to gamble their sigils on a broken game, or wait for it to be fixed, maybe.

As you can see from the discord message, between casting the spell and selecting a row to destroy, the game becomes unresponsive.

Confirmed to happen on iOS in Explore mode, at least. Update: Also happened on Steam in Explore. Not every time, but without a discernable pattern as yet.

edit to add: so far in all the screenshots we’ve seen of this crash, the top enemy troop is already dead. There might be a bug in the targeting when this happens… [2nd edit, nope this is not the case. We have examples now with all 4 enemy troops present]


Also reported on the community discord:




Any additional info on what caused that hole in the board to show up?


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It’s definitely weird. The spell doesn’t seem to have anything special to it, at least as far as the description goes:

Destroy a row. Deal [Magic + 3] damage to the first Enemy, boosted by Green Allies and Green Gems destroyed. [3x]

Maybe it’s an interaction with one of the other troops? I’ve fought a few Adventure Board battles with a Hawthorn team, game didn’t lock up (I might just have gotten lucky).

That is weird. I had no issues with casting Hawthorn but I didn’t use it outside the event though. If you lost battlecrasher, it is probably in PvP/Explore? I’ll try some battles with Hawthorn in there. How frequently do you see this happening? Always or occasional?


This seems to suggest that:

1.) The “Cast” button of the spell was pressed.
2.) The board somehow moved.
3.) The game froze prior to allowing a row to get picked as part of the spell resolving.

@beeflog Could you poke the one who encountered this once more to verify?

I think it has something to do with one of the gem creation traits activating while Hawthorn is selected.

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yes, that is what they observed.

Sorry, missed the thread, i created a bug report in the meanwhile. Wasn’t my intention to hijack this.

I investigated the issue further, and found out why it happens.


Another example, this time with no missing troops on enemy team


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definitely seems like it’s related to casting the spell quickly, while the gem creation/explosion/cascades are still processing.



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Hey all,

The team created a Known Issues article for this, in case it was missed.

Once we have any updates or further information, we will update the article.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I had this happen to both my Android phone and home computer. I will substitute another troop, Will we get credit for the battles not completed?