[Known Issue] Different Legendary Tasks received? Has anyone ever seen this before?

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One of our members, GuyMorin donated gold for 2 Legendary Tasks. The first was uniform and the same for all members. For the second, he received a Mythic, Euryali, an Arcane Traitstone, and 4 Glory Keys. The rest of us received an Arcane Traitstone, 4 Glory Keys and 750 Glory. We obviously expected to get the same Legendary Task mail as GuyMorin

I have never seen this happen before. It is the first time I have noticed it, because there was a Mythic troop involved. For other Mythic Legendary Tasks in our Guild, this has never been an issue. So once-off bug?

I don’t know if it is possible to replicate this issue. I am curious if this has ever occurred in any other Guild. If possible, we would like to see if the rest of us could receive the Mythic?

Thank you.


Yes, it happened before. GoW Support sent Mythic (High King Irongut) to all guildmembers who didn’t get him from that LT and created support ticket.


this is a super annoying bug … i hope we get update on how the debugging goes

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I hope that support people will sort it out.

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Unfortunately, this is a known issue.
If the guild members who missed out on a troop write to support we will fix it up for them.

Due to it being the holiday period we won’t be able to fix this up for them until next week though so I apologise in advance for the wait.


That is trying to be fixed for the guilds who don’t have a 3rd party chat or don’t know to report any Mythic LT in Guild chat to verify that 29 others got it?

Perhaps there shouldn’t be code that tries to reroll any Mythic LT that is found after X amount is found by a guild?

There is no code that does that.

So with this bug USUALLY what happens is that the affected players receive a different Legendary or Mythic Troop (rarity matches the Troop they missed from the LTs).

We ask players to write to support so in the chance they missed out completely, we can send them the Troop.

A different mythic troop or legendary troop is what you’re alleging happens.

But in my personal case 29 guild members received a legendary troop. 1 got a mythic troop.

And in the report above.

29 members got glory as a reward. While 1 member got a Mythic troop.

So in both cases it wasn’t just a matter of a different troop and the rarity matching. But an entirely different rolled reward.

I would love to be educated about a single time where 1 player rolls any non mythic LT and 29 members get a Mythic LT instead.

I’d wager that such a thing has NEVER happened before. It’s ALWAYS the inverse. One Member gets a mythic LT, and 29 others get something else entirely.

Doesn’t that seem a bit f505shy to you???