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[Investigating] LEGENDARY TASKS are BUGGED for MYTHICS! Yikes DruidsGlade ☹

Platform, device version and operating system:

PC/Mobile NOTE: This issue impacts all of DruidsGlade

Screenshot or image:

Some in my Guild got High King Irongut MYTHIC from LTs today, but Most did NOT
With HKI Mythic from Legendary Tasks:

Without HKI Mythic from Legendary Tasks:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Expect all 30 members of DruidsGlade to receive High King Irongut Mythic from LT. Instead some received version of LT with Mythic and some received LT without Mythic.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Makes me very worried this has been happening a long time!

Steps to make it happen again

@Saltypatra @Kafka investigate. NOTE: This issue impacts all of DruidsGlade


Did you check if there was a mail with multiple LTs in it at once that its hidden in??

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Did the players who didn’t get High King Irongut, get a different mythic? - that would be my next check.

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We are also discussing this with the devs and are looking into this further on our end. But yes, please check for us so we have more information to provide.


@Kafka. I doubt that the post would have been written if that was the case and even if guild members were getting different mythics from the same LT then something very strange is going on. Hopefully this is a post ET release bug that has just been pointed out. But either way, some players are missing out on the mythics that their collective gold investment warrants.

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No, some got High King Irongut, some didn’t. Those who didn’t got something totally different and not a Mythic.

The 2 “without screens“ I posted above are from my game. No Mythic for me.

Notice tho that I am Showing ALL LTs Wardog completed today? Notice there isn’t a match, maybe in more than 1?

More info: it’s spread across Android, Steam, iPhone. Example, no HKI for me and only iPhone today. Another iPhone player received HKI. DruidsGlade players in Steam and Android are also reporting mixed results.

Please have the players who didn’t receive a Mythic write to us at Support using this link:

I will be able to sort this out for them on Monday before weekly reset.

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Based on the SS. It wasn’t just Irongut that was a completely different LT.
It looked like this bug impacted them all.
I understand if the bug is under investigation right now (even if it isn’t in the title yet).
But a follow up about what happened and why it won’t happen moving forward would be appreciated. Otherwise guilds are going to have to ask 29 other members if they got the same LT for every one they generate. It truly looks bizarre and looks like a brand new bug.
Makes me wonder if its the cause of a broken down code that I’ve reported as cracked for months. Or if it’s the cause of some behind the scenes LT tinkering that caused this break.
Transparency would be appreciated by all of the members comprising the 5% of guilds who still do LT that are left in the game.


You are correct @awryan. They don’t seem to match at all. I updated the first post so we can more clearly see:

5 Tasks that include HKI vs. the 5 LTs that do not include a HKI.

@Kafka @Saltypatra The 5 LTs don’t seem to match at all. Images posted above.

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Hey DEVS You said you would have an update after spending several days looking into this and that you would provide resolution before Monday RESET? what gives?

Where are DruidsGlade’s High King Irongut Mythics from the Busted Legendary Task? What is the explanation for how this happened? Why are you confident this is a one-off issue? @Kafka @Nimhain @Saltypatra @Sirrian



It’s possible they hadn’t realised there would be a public holiday on Monday at the time (I hadn’t).


I apologise for this. We didn’t have support staff late last week due to some very hard, extenuating circumstances.

Our team have been briefed on this being our highest priority, and it will be looked into first tomorrow when office hours resume.

(Also yes, today is a public holiday.)


Thanks @Saltypatra. I and we did not know the extenuating circumstances. No rush then as our primary concerns seem well aligned with yours.



That was my fault, sorry everyone, because we’ve been working from home for so long, public holidays haven’t even been on my mind at all and I completely forgot yesterday was one.

I’ll be responding to the Druid’s Glade missing Mythic tickets before the end of today.


I’ve just sent the mail out to the Guild. I’ve also raised what happened with the team.


Thank you @Kafka :heart::heart:


Thank you @Kafka :heart: