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[Investigating] LEGENDARY TASKS are BUGGED for MYTHICS! Yikes DruidsGlade :frowning_face:

I think the current response time on tickets is 1-3 months. I’d say they are back logged but I feel like that would be an understatement.

:scream: it is even worse than we had feared

@Buran if you could please provide your ticket number that would help us greatly. <3

I can confirm that our support is very backed up. Technical issues, purchase issues, and account recoveries take priority over our other ticket types.

Ticket id is #99458

Thanks for sending that through. I’ve let support know but it’s EOD, so I may not have a reply until after the weekend.

hi, any news here? ))

Good day,
Three months have passed since my request and I did not receive any feedback from support.
Another guild member sent his request one month after me (regarding the same case) and he has already an answer.
How do you explain that? :man_shrugging:

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